Saturday, January 09, 2010

Finished Book 1 (Two to go)

I finished Julie & Julia today. To be honest, Cynthia ( of a Crazy Quilt Life) had reviewed it so well it inspired me to read it and I have the sequel Cleaving waiting here to be started tomorrow. To be honest there were parts of the book that turned my stomach. I was a vegetarian for several years when I was in my twenties. One day I looked at a package of meat and simply could not bring myself to eat it when cooked. Even now periodically meat will have no appeal to me. At other times a great steak can be a fabulous treat. I am always preparing many kinds of vegetables and even though we eat meat, we eat very healthily and from a diverse menu. Having been a patient who experienced a few procedures I would rather forget, the very words bone marrow should not be used when talking about recipes. EVER. I had to gloss over some of that and I am not a fan of the concept or taste (I was forced once when I was ten years old to try liver. Not by my parents, but by an eccentric great aunt.) I cringe at the thought, although I understand some people really enjoy it. To each their own. I have a sister who married a man from a European family who do the gelee' with the chicken and other meats. It certainly did not seem appealing to me but then again neither does cold beet soup which many people enjoy. I grew up in a family where my mother hated to cook and my Dad for the first eleven years of my life was in the Navy and rarely home. We did a lot of hot dogs and McDonald's (which was really new then, remember the golden arches?) Dad was raised in the South and felt no meal was complete without veggies (such as okra, butter beans or spinach) and bread and butter. When he was home he simply never understood why we acted as though we had never seen veggies before. Several years ago my mother confessed that right before he left on a trip he would go to the commissary and stock up with canned goods and fill the freezer with meat. Once he was gone my mother sold the cans to neighbors at a small profit. This gave her money to buy the food she wanted! My father laughed so hard and said he should have been able to figure that out when we showed no recognition as bowls of spinach were passed around. As an adult on my own I have discovered that I love broccoli, carrots, brussel sprouts, cabbage, chick peas etc. When I met Rob he had been exposed to a small variety of foods too. He eats so many things now and we are always eager to try a new recipe. Slaughtering animals or crustaceans is definitely not something we would want to do. Yes, if I buy chicken breasts they are already boneless.

We are in the throes of a real cold snap here. I find it difficult to breathe when outdoors and am trying to breathe through a scarf when possible. I ventured out briefly to get a much needed pedicure. My feet get terrible cracks in them and it is therapeutic in many ways. My "Scarlett O'Hara" red polish is just a bonus. I had not had a pedicure since my early hospital day back in September and was long overdue. I made a lovely dinner in my crock pot today. Chicken breasts, potatoes, carrots and onions in a mushroom sauce. I vary things each time I do it but it's always tasty and we needed something hearty today. Yesterday I made French onion soup and it was wonderful. I am buying all low sodium products and getting used to them. Not sure what is on tomorrow's menu yet. We plan to take down the last remaining Christmas decorations from outside, the lighted garland and large wreath. The place looks so lost without them at g a warm and relaxing weekend.first.
Before we know it all the Valentines Day stuff will be out. Hoping you are having


Missie said...

Enjoy what's left of the weekend and stay warm!

Cynthia said...

I forget how strong my stomach is sometimes. My relationship with food is so tied up with size, body image and self image that the book helped me to remember just the joy of food. I hope you'll enjoy Cleaving, but it's probably going to be harder on your stomach.

Virginia said...

We watched the movie and although I can believe other people enjoyed it, I really don't have an interest in movies about food or TV cooking shows etc. I didn't like at all the scene with the lobster and Judi and I talk about how we were lied to as kids (the lobster doesn't feel a thing....) (fishing: the fish doesn't feel the hook at all..) things like this. Being a vegetarian, no I didn't like the meat scenes. Being on a restricted diet also, I have no interest in watching show about all sorts of foods I can't eat. That serves no positive purpose for me.

There is a very different "food" movie out that I do recommend to people - a documentary called "Food, Inc." which makes you think about your food in an entirely new way.

Peace, Virginia

Nelle said...

My sister saw the documentary about food and keeps telling me to watch it...I haven't seen it in our cable menu but I really want to. I wonder with such a high population of diabetics in this country why there aren't shows about diabetic recipes/cooking. I have stopped watching most food shows because since most of them center around high carb recipes there is no point.
Thanks for commenting,

Judith HeartSong said...

Stay warm Nelle!

Susan C said...

I really enjoyed reading Julie and Julia, but the reviews for her follow-up book, Cleaving, have been dismal. I'll be curious to hear if you like it.