Friday, January 15, 2010

Kitchen Mishap

The past two days found me feeling pretty well...much better than I have. I went shopping to Costco, the warehouse type store and stocked up on freezer items. Today I went to a store that was having a large sale on things that I don't need a large amount of. I decided to broil steaks for dinner, that's a treat we don't have too often because of the cholesterol. I turned the broiler on and put the lightly marinated steaks under it. About fifteen minutes later the smoke alarms went off. I didn't notice much smoke so we were wondering what set them off. Rob ran upstairs and checked everything there, as the alarms up there were making their shrieking sound as well. I opened the living room window and fanned the alarm and eventually it stopped. The odd thing was that the smell was like wood burning. It did seem odd that the odor was near the stove. Finally after we began to eat I had a moment of clarity. Rob had bought me some new cookie sheets after I had complained that he had damaged the ones I had. I suddenly wondered if the papers had been removed from them (and the glue!) I opened the oven and the papers were sort of baked and the glue was a melted mess. Rob painstakingly removed the baked brown paper and glue. Now the new sheets have some scratches but they will be usable. He had purchased some nice Kitchen Aid ones. Oh well. I have learned not to get upset over the small things. Problem is, being it's so cold outside, having the windows open is making the house very cold. I figure there are very unhealthy chemicals in the air right now and am airing out the entire house. Luckily it was warmer today.

My sister is coming to my parents for the weekend. My mother is going to be going to Maryland to take the things she wants from her mother's house. It will be done in one short day with my sister-in-law driving her in her large truck.
I know this will be a very emotional time for my mother. My sister will be taking care of my father, and I will be assisting her. She's a take charge person and I don't get in her way.

Am having real sleeping issues, getting up many nights before 4 a.m. This will be a real problem if I don't get back on schedule before I return to work in roughly two weeks. Have a great weekend and stay warm!

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Missie said...

Hope you have a good week coming up.