Sunday, December 11, 2005

Sunday evening

I just finished cleaning up Sunday dinner. I made Rob a big pot of home made chicken soup. Hoping that will make him feel somewhat better. I feel so badly. He is still miserable. He coughs, then he hiccups then he has intense belching. I am not sleeping and neither is he. He wakes up with spasms of hiccups. I guess we will contact the doctor once more tomorrow. We both need a good night's sleep. I am more concerned with them just making him feel better or identify what is causing this.
It doesn't feel like Christmas. Our tree is still up in the cold attic. We tried to find someone to install pull down attic stairs and never found anyone. It would make life so much easier. Still, the only access is in my bedroom closet. Right now we put a regular ladder in it and frankly it's dangerous and not user friendly. Right now I miss some of the things that my old house had: namely pull down attic stairs and the fireplace. I had converted the fireplace to gas and it was amazing. Beautiful to watch and so warm and cozy. We could get a tiny glass one here but it would take up space that we really need. Still, someday we might do it.
I have been experimenting with templates. Trying to find one that suits me. Most of the ones that I select do not allow you to change the font style, size or color and I don't understand why. I do know a bit about html and that if I had hours to invest I might be able to change a few things. Problem is that right now for me time is in short supply. I am either going to school, working or doing something for the house or animals. Normally Rob is a tremendous help to me but right now he is under strict spousal orders to take it easy and do nothing. He needs rest in order to heal. I do have all our gifts purchased and wrapped. There will be packages mailed tomorrow. One will be going to my grandmother and has a container of cookies that Jennifer posted the recipe for in the joint blog. Absolutely delicious! I am including the recipe for my grandmother.
Well I just heard Rob stirring, he woke up from a short nap. The Devils are playing hockey and I want to catch the rest of the game with him. I am so hoping he will be improved for all the holiday festivities.


jennifer said...

YAY! You made the puffy pecan things? Aren't those sinful? LOL Gee I hope Rob is feeling better very soon, and I hope you find just the right template.

IndigoSunMoon said...

It doesn't seem like Christmas around here either. We did however get that little tree that our friends gave us put up, and it brightened up the place a lot. And it's only about two feet tall! Maybe this year you could put up a little tree, and leave the bigger one for next year perhaps?
Love you sweetie,

Gabreael said...

Let me know how the templates go. I need to do that too.


megzie212 said...

Nelle..could do me a HUGE favor and PLEASE send me the recipe for the gingerbread men?? It would really appreciate it!!

love ya,

redsneakz said...

I hope Rob begins to feel better soon. It's a joy reading your journal.


Judith HeartSong said...

take good care of each other... hope Rob feels better soon.

Greg said...

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