Friday, December 23, 2005

It's Beginning to Feel a lot like Christmas

Today was the first day in a long time that Rob was home (and not sick). We had another restless night but went out this morning and found a wonderful pair of black boots with my bonus money from my boss. They were a bit pricey but very comfortable and beautiful and the leather was like butter. After that we went to a sporting good store and Rob bought another set of darts he had wanted. We had lunch out then came home. I had a message from my mother in the voice mail. My father was not feeling well. I drove over there and he admitted to my mother that he had talked the doctor into letting him come home and he had indicated he was doing better than he was. My mother is very upset at the possibility that I might not come for Christmas because my sister will be there. Ancient history but problems that have really gone over the top the last few months. I am not sure what I am going to do but I know that I must be true to myself. This is something my family has never understood. I am tired of explaining it. Sometimes I think how much simpler my life would be if I didn't have analytical tendencies. I tend to think about things and rehash them in my mind. I just do not have the personality to take things at face value or turn the other cheek as my parents like to point out as the "proper" thing to do. They refuse to take sides but tell me that my sister was out of line and they think she has taken advantage of me for years. My Dad has actually told her that. She has the ability to let everything roll off her back so nothing ever gets through.

That wasn't what this entry was intended to be about. Under my tree are presents. For the neighbors, for my son and some for us. I am getting a bit excited. The little furry ones have their own gifts and stockings. I only wish there were a natural herb that would help them both sleep. How I miss sleeping through the night and late into the next day. It's not so much Duffy as it is our cat. I wish some animal behaviorist could study him. Honestly, he is very demanding and if we confine him to a room he will verbally carry on for over half an hour. He also opens door handles that are not locked.

We have a new neighbor and she is having a gathering at her home at 9. I am way too tired to go. Another neighbor just called and said she's too tired also. I think 9 is late for people who have children or pets that don't let them sleep. To be honest I have walked about in a zombie like coma today. I looked in the mirror and was horrified. Well, I am going to take a nice warm bath in my new raspberry bath.

For those of you who know Amy of J-Land (the mother of Pie) she lost her beloved dog Cooter this morning. Please drop her a note and let her know that you care. It's such a huge loss to bear. I want her to know that our constant thoughts are of her and her family and we sent them huge hugs.
Now it's time to get some rest.
Nighty night all and I just have to say it
God bless us, everyone.


Virginia said...

Get rest and take care of yourself!

Sorry that your dad still isn't feeling well. I hope that rest and being home help him recover.

Peace, Virginia

Candace said...

Have a safe, happy and healthy Christmas and new year!

megzie212 said...

Nelle, I hope you and Rob, and the Duffster have a great Christmas.

I will be thinking of all of my journal friends tomorrow.

much love,

Judith HeartSong said...

love to you.... I wish good things for you and your family. judi