Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Quick Update

Yesterday my father saw a liver specialist. He thinks that the kidney infection which was quite bad is the problem and that as the infection continues to clear that the problem will correct itself. The strong antibiotics he was on can also have a bad effect on liver enzymes. He has been in the hospital a week now and we are wondering if he will make it home for Christmas.

Today is our office party. I have to be in early as the office manager has an appointment. I will be going nonstop all day. I had five hours sleep last night after I worked yesterday then went to visit my father. I got home and realized I needed a prescription and had to go out again. I really need a day to unwind and am going to see if I can have tomorrow off, if not then Thursday.

Yesterday I waited for HOURS in the morning for a flooring store to show up and they never did. When I called there the woman told me I had not been home. I told her I most certainly had and she asked why I wasn't answering my phone. I asked her what number she was calling. Well she had called a 2 where an 8 should have been. When I told her she kept repeating how often they had tried to reach me. I told the woman that I had told them I would be here and I was. Someone should have thought to verify the phone number which is on their records. She wanted to reschedule for this or next week. Impossible for me. I am very annoyed with this store.

Well time to get the animals set for the day, dry my hair and hit the road. I hope the rest of you are having a more relaxing holiday season. I am getting some nice appreciation gifts at work and that has added much to my holiday cheer. The gifts are generous but that is secondary to the fact that these people seem genuinely appreciative. Nothing makes a job more worthwhile..........
now sing along with me for just a minute...........................

I wish you a Merry Christmas (or Happy Hannukah)
I wish you a Merry Christmas (or Happy Hannukah)
I wish you a Merry Christmas (or Happy Hannukah)
and a Happy New Year!

Much much much frienship to all of you who come here to read. Remember it's the season to be extra thoughtful to those who have less than us.


alphawoman said...

Such a nice entry to remind us what this season is about....besides the Birth of Chirst, but also to reinforce wha he taught us, #1 love your neighbor.

Judith HeartSong said...

I hope your dad feels better... big hugs Nelle. judi

Candace said...

I hope he is able to come home for Christmas.
Please take care of yourself too.