Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas to All and to all a good night!

Did you ever wish you could relive the happiest moments of you life? Tonight I did. Since I have been 14 I have collected records. I have most of them. One of the first albums I ever owned was the original The Band album. It was given to me by my first love. It's been something that has moved with me four times to various homes and is never put on a moving truck but taken in my car...along with my orignal Beatles albums. These are the things, material things, that meant the world to me. Tonight I was able to play my records again because Rob bought me a turntable (amongst other things) for Christmas. I am overjoyed. Now I can relive the many memories associated with these albums. The first time I ever heard The Beatles white album I was in high school, tenth grade. It was snowing that night but my best friend, Debbie and I snuck out our bedroom windows and went over to Ann Barfield's house. Ann had recently moved to NJ from Texas. She was having such a difficult adjustment. Her Mom had married her stepdad and promptly had three children leaving Ann to feel lost. Debbie and I befriended her and for Christmas her stepfather bought her this. We sat there around her dining room table as we heard the songs that would become such a part of our lives forever. I remember I Will and thinking how beautiful it was. We all loved Rocky Raccoon. For the next few months we couldn't wait to go to her house and hear it. When I was 17 I moved into my apartment with my first husband. He also loved music and we promptly acquired a very expensive music system and records. While other people wanted fancy cars, we wanted more records. In my divorce I wanted and got them. I only know one other person who has her original Carol King album. (She plans to be buried with it.) For the next few weeks I plan to spend a lot of time enjoying this gift.
I also received The Secret of Hurricanes the book by Theresa Williams. I am eager to read that. I received many nice gifts this year. The greatest gift was to learn that my son got a good job. I am so hoping that this will lead to wonderful things for him, including medical benefits.
My Dad is still not feeling well. Stayed in bed last evening instead of attending my brother's family gathering and got up for lunch but went back to bed. Rob made him onion soup which we insist be prepared for him au gratin. He seems to be stuck where he is holding his own but not really recovering. I may have to insist my mother call his doctor. It will be a busy week for me this week. At work we got a new computer program and I will be entering a lot of data into it and learning just how things work. Our boss will be away for the week so the office manager and I will be working the kinks out on our own perhaps. I enjoy a new challenge. I will finally be at a work station that will feel like my own. I am in a hectic office where no one has their own desk. We all have to share to some degree except for the owner. I miss having my own little work station but am hoping that is yet to come.
I hope every one of you has had a wonderful day today. Not filled with material things but filled with the memories of love and friendship and family.


jennifer said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. A turntable!?! They still make those things? LOL Mine is in my closet; perhaps I should drag it out someday.

Hope your week at work runs smoothly, and I sure hope you dad is feeling better soon.

alphawoman said...

My daughter and her boyfriend have a turn table that he purchased at a flea market. I love it. Allmy records are gone. First, stolen at one of the apartments I lived in...and was moving, someone just lifted them. I was crushed beyond description. Half my life was spent collecting those albums...more than half my life!! Then, I stupidly sold the second half of my life record collection at a yard sale two years ago...I could kick myself in the butt. What the hell was I thinking???

Merry Christmas to you. Have you all looked into getting a nurse to check in on your Dad? Medicare pays for it.

Candace said...

I gave a friend a turntable for Christmas several years ago. He was thrilled. (the hardest part was finding the needle for the arm do hickee).
I'm glad you had a great Christmas, you earned it.
I share your concern about your father.
happy New year!