Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A frustrating day

Today was a very frustrating day. I was scheduled to work. Rob has not felt well since Sunday. I finally convinced him last night that if he were not better by this morning to go see our internist. WE did just that. He has the beginning of pneumonia. A few good scripts later we are hoping he will rapidly improve.
Some time ago I had a problem with my sister. Ever since then we have had a very strained relationship. I have become increasingly frustrated with her. Lately with all the AOL problems and Rob not feeling well her emails have caused things to come to a head. In effect she wanted to know why I felt the way I did and I told her, clearly and with several examples. Instead of addressing them she responded with a load of psychobabble that would embarass Freud. It was I not she who went to college for psychology. She reads these tidbits mailed to her from websites and thinks she has tremendous insights. I only wish she did. Instead she responds that I am angry and need to search why. I responded that I have been taken advantage of for so long and have told her that until I accept that she will never change and have made a decision NOT to allow it any longer. I told her the source of my anger is being taken advantage of, particularly by people who are just rude and inconsiderate. What brought things to a head was what she did to my son. He had a collection of Hess trucks. She took them and told him she would sell them on Ebay and send him the money. Guess what? He never got any money and now she is insisting that both of us have faulty memories and she paid him. I guess that put me over the edge. My son really needed the money. She is very comfortable after her five year long divorce battle. She also went on about sisters being only a biological term and that her emotional sisters were her friends. The great irony of that is that while I can truly appreciate and relate to that statement, she has never to my knowledge, had a friendship that lasted more than a brief time.
I don't mind people being honest. In fact, I encourage it. What I want is for people to be REAL. I can forgive almost anything. Just don't cheat people or take advantage of them and then when you're faced with it try to say that they have the problem. That's just not an intelligent or genuine response.
I hope the evening gets better. If not I think it's going to be a night where I slowly become a vegetable..........probably a couch potato. Speaking of potatoes I should be thinking about dinner. Bon appetit.


Candace said...

I have a friend who alot like that. She is constantly telling me how to improve my life, my outlook, yadda yadda...
Advice & pyschobable, regardless of how well intentioned, can be annoying after awhile.
I would be really pissed about your son's money. I'm sure you would remember getting paid.
Hope tomorrow is better. : )

IndigoSunMoon said...

Why is it that family troubles always seem to escalate during the holiday season? Ugh!
I hope Rob feels better soon. Glad you guys caught the pneumonia before it got worse!
Big hugs,