Saturday, April 02, 2011


I have had three visits to the pulmonary rehab facility. It has been an eye opener in many ways. On the first day they realized that I cannot do any exercise (even walking longer than 4 minutes) without oxygen. If I don't have oxygen, my oxygen level drops below 90 which is not good. It explains a lot of why I have struggled, especially the last year. They call what happens to me "DEsat" meaning your oxygen level has desaturated. I am now working on a machine, doing muscle strengthening exercises and breathing exercises but all while wearing oxygen. Depending on how much my lungs improve, they are thinking I may need to have home oxygen for times when I must ex cert myself. Although I had told my lung doctor about this, it is now documented by machines that measure the activities. I am slowly getting in better shape I think. My muscles had not been used because of the breathlessness. I am hoping to push myself enough to get better use of the lungs. They monitor me and stop me when it's necessary. When you lose your oxygen it makes your heart work a lot harder and your blood pressure rises. This is when I have to stop. My mother had been doing pretty good until yesterday. Yesterday she had to go for a mammogram (if you remember her mother died a year and a half ago from breast cancer.) She was so anxiety ridden then on the way home she passed the cemetery where Dad is, it was raining and dismal and she lost it. She became physically sick. We tried to take her out to dinner but she refused. We brought her home a dinner (crab cakes, potatoes, veggies etc.) but she took a few bites and said she didn't feel well. I offered to spend the night but she refused saying she didn't want me to get sick. She was really upset and I felt horrible leaving her there alone but she insisted. A twenty-nine year old young lady from her church gave birth to her first child a week ago. On Thursday they found the new mother was very ill and rushed her into intensive care after they diagnosed an infection. The mother passed away less than twenty-four hours later. My mother has been friends with her mother for many years and just saw them at my father's funeral. It is such a tragedy. This week old baby boy lost his mother and will never even have memories of her. It has hit us all hard. The funeral will probably be next week, we are still waiting for details and not wanting to bother the family with a phone call. My mother called and asked me if I would go out with her to lunch. I guess she is ready for a change of scenery, perhaps briefly. I am excited that she is willing to leave her house. She hasn't done that much. Life goes on when you lose someone you truly does....but it's never the same.



It sounds like the pulmonary rehab is doing you a world of good. And it seems you've finally gotten to the bottom of some of your problems. Hang in there with it. That poor precious baby. How very sad to have lost his mother and your friend.

Ronni Gordon said...

So sorry to hear about the tragedy and how it affected your mother, but it sounds like a good sign that she at least wants to go out. Hang in there with the rehab. Are you doing some seated exercises at home where you don't have to exert yourself as much, such as sitting on a chair, extending one straight leg onto another chair and then lifting and lowering the extended leg without touching down? A friend of mine recently told me to do it and it actually is hard but good for the quads.

Sonya said...

Oh my goodness. What kind of infection did that young mother have? Seems like they could have done something. That is so sad.

Hope your mother feels better soon.

Wow, oxygen. I can't believe you have to be on oxygen, but...I'm glad you have it and that it is making you feel better.

Nelle said...

Ronni, When I am at rehab I do a lot of exercises for the muscles there and it's an hour or more workout so when I am home I don't do anything more except for the same exercises on one of the days I don't drive there. I drive to the facility Mon, Wed and Fri. The drive there takes and the workout takes about three hours in total on those days.
The family has not said what the infection was but it was. I am guessing it was something like MRSA that is hard to treat. She was admitted into ICU and gone within 24 hours. Right now I only have oxygen at the workout facility but I think I will probably need it ast home. That is the result of having pneumonia 5 times in 20 months. About a year ago I was in critical condition for over a week. I am still hoping and praying for my lungs to improve.