Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Yesterday I was finally able to speak with my pulmonologist and she had the CT report. There is a lot of fluid surrounding my lungs. (Years ago this was called pleuresy.) It is now called pleural effusion. I have had it since January, with it enlarging and putting pressure on my lungs and preventing them from filling up with air. This Friday I will be admitted for a short stay and hopefully at 1:00 I will have the fluid removed and be much more capable of breathing. I am nervous about the procedure, having seen my grandmother have it done. The needle is very long. I am not a fan of any needles.

I just have to get through the week with not exerting myself and carefully using the oxygen. I pray that a week from now I am breathing and feeling oh so much better. Perhaps the end is in sight.



Finally you have an answer.Close your eyes so you don't see the needle. I hope the procedure goes well and the fluid will be removed, so you can breathe easier. You'll be in my prayers and thoughts.

Judith HeartSong said...

close your eyes tight, tight, tight and imagine a dot of white light that will make a tiny prick and help and heal. Be well my Dear Friend.

Nelle said...

I won't have to see the needle as they do this through your back :) Thanks for your comments and well wishes!