Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pressing Onward

I think one of the hardest things to do in life is to being working hard, not seeing much in the way of results but still pushing onward towards the goal. In rehab I am not seeing results. They have tried repeatedly to put me on a treadmill and when they do I lose my breath quickly. Mind you, I am wearing oxygen when this is happening. I can't go more than three minutes without struggling and watching my oxygen plummet. I can't tell you how frustrating this feels. All the breathing excercises and other things seem to have no effect on this. Even the pulmonary therapist tells me she is perplexed. She is suggesting I get a second opinion from someone who is prominent in the field. I am having another CT scan next Tuesday and if that doesn't show something then I will try to set that up. She also feels that I need oxygen for home and probably have needed it for months. The doctor asked me but I said no, thinking that I would be okay without it. I also declined her suggestions that I get a scooter for when I need to do any walking. I guess a lot of it is my age, but I cannot accept, at least now, that this will not get better. I just keep thinking they will find the problem and fix it. The eternal optomist. Now for something completely different................ Does anyone else have problems with people calling during their routine dinner time? Mind you, when I am working I am rarely home before 6:30 and people know I am just coming in the door then and rarely call. Now that I have been home a few months, I am finding anywhere from three to ten people call at that time which is 5-6 p.m. I have answered the phone and told them that I am either preparing or eating dinner and will have to call them back. The same people will call again during that time. The obvious solution is not to answer the phone during that hour. When my Dad was sick I was always afraid not to answer the phone because something cold have happened. Now my mother is alone and I worry about her. Also, my son has been sick twice recently. He was back in the emergency room all Saturday night. He got a stomach virus and dehydrated. When he gets sick, his anxiety is bad and he fears that he might be relapsing. I offer for him to come stay here but he knows that my immune system is weak and refuses to subject me to his germs. We do a lot of talking on the phone during that time. Today I am trying to put through a real estate referral. I have to take my sunglasses back to have another prescription put in them. I need to get to the grocery store for a few items. Lots of small things. It is supposed to be raining hard later so I want to get them done early.

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I'm sorry you are not seeing the results you had hoped for in rehab. Maybe oxygen for home is the answer. I use a scooter because of my bad knees. It improves my quality of life. I couldn't shop without the extra help.