Monday, April 04, 2011

Time or the Lack Thereof

On mornings such as today there just doesn't seem to be enough time to do all I want. I go to the rehab facility three times a week. While it is about twenty-five miles away most ways I went in the past, I was able to find a zig zag shortcut. I am now getting there in about 35 minutes by shaving off some miles. In order to take the shortcut I have to drive on a highway that is filled with trucks. They cut you off and I am not used to that. I have to be very attentive to the vehicles around me. Still, it is worth the time saved. I leave here about twelve thirty and don't return until about four. At that time I am frantically searching for something for dinner. At five Rob arrives home looking for conversation and something good to eat. You would think that I had plenty of time to get organized before leaving at twelve thirty but what happens is I make coffee, read emails, get a few phone calls, make the bed, and decide what to wear for the day. Since most of my clothes I wear when not working are jeans it's been a problem for me to find clothes I can excercise in. I did find a few things and I only have one pair of shoes that can be used. It's still winter or I would have many other things I could wear. Well, it's Spring pretending to still be winter I think. Today I will stop by my mother's and pick up some peppers and make stuffed peppers for dinner which I will then share with her. She doesn't want to cook but she enjoys a nice dinner so I am trying to see that she has that. My aunt feels I should force her to come here for dinner as opposed to delivering it. I just can't make demands on her at this time. When I see her instead of the mother who frustrated me so much of my life, I see a frail woman struggling to make it alone. I worry now that at 79 I won't have her much longer. If you would have told me in my twenties I would ever feel this way I wouldn't have believed it. When you lose a parent you have spent so much time with it changes many things. I enjoy talking to my siblings now because they understand. Their experience is different than mine but we share a loss. A few friends shared memories of my father with me and that helped to. We all have different experiences losing a parent, just as we all have different relationships with our parents. Still, I find that people who have not lost a parent can be so insensitive. Today is the funeral for the young mother. The funeral is at 11:30 and my Mom was not up to going. I was already scheduled for my rehab and if I don't go I would have to pay for the session out of pocket. I know there will be a lot of people as she was an elementary school teacher. My thoughts are there with her and her family. I cannot imagine her young husband, married two years and left with a week old newborn son. I know her family doesn't live far from them and I'm sure they are only too happy to help. They are a close and loving family. Well, time to answer emails and get start getting ready. I have to keep myself busy right now. Have a good week.

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