Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunny Sunday

Yesterday the weather was damp and cold then we had torrential rain, lightning and thunder. It woke me throughout the night. I have not been feeling well the past few days. I think that a lot of people come to lung rehab when they are still sick. I have become very attentive to using disinfecting wipes on nearly everything I touch there. One woman is particularly dirty. Her clothes desperately need washing, her personal hygiene is terrible and the people who work there are distressed about it. They are helping her but have gently made comments which are ignored. I have never had to be in such close proximity to someone like this before. I am always the one who feels sorry for people. This woman owns her own home and can do laundry. I have to keep a certain distance from her because I start to feel sick from the odor. She worked until last year and I cannot believe that she went to work like this. She is not as breathless as many of us. She moves around easily and can be on the treadmill with no real problem. Last night I began to ache all over. It was so damp that my sternum was aching. Not surprising since it has so much wire in it, but it's not a problem I have had like this before. I couldn't find a position to sleep in that was not painful. Hopefully tonight will be better. If not I will take something for the pain. I miss my father terribly. Easter is coming. He loved holidays and celebrations. I have invited my mother and sister to come here for dinner. I think having dinner there would be harder. I can't believe he has been gone for two months now. My mother is doing okay. Better than I had expected,but still has some really bad days. She has people wanting to visit her, or inviting her but says she only wants to spend time with her family right now. I think she just wants to be with other people feeling the loss. So we are spending more time together than usual and that's been good. IF my CT scan is good on Tuesday, I will probably be going back to work May 1st. We'll see. I won't get the results until ten days later at my doctor's appointment.


Sonya said...

Wow, good luck with that. There were some folks behind us at Walmart. Oh my the stinch! Kate is familiar with this ethnic background that was behind us. I'll be nice and not mention it. They only bathe once per week. Oh my! They were several feet away and smelled horribly.

I miss my father too. I think about him a lot.


Being with people feeling the loss of your father will be a good way to pay tribute to him this Easter, since he loved the holiday. I hope your CT SCAN goes well and that you'll finally get a good nights sleep. Take care.