Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two Choices

Just back from the pulmonologist where I was given two choices:
A. Have part of fluid removed tomorrow and then next week will have other part removed. (too much to remove at once)
B. Have part of fluid removed, be admitted to hospital with chest tube in lung so it can drain the rest of the fluid out. Minimum stay of three days.

I chose option A. The thought of having a chest tube hanging out of the lung did not sit well with me. Yikes. Talk about a source of infection. Apparently there is quite a bit of fluid (I saw the CT scan myself with the doctor showing me.) Most likely at least two litres. My right lung is squished so badly that it can only use 50% of the lung. NO wonder I was gasping for breath. I will need to be on the oxygen for a while yet. She is having a second machine delivered for me which will be hooked up to my CPap as she said I must have oxygen 24/7 right now. My chest actually hurts, from the pressure of the fluid. She promised I will feel so much better tomorrow after I get at least part of the fluid out. Trying to focus on the positive but still a bit nervous. Will keep you updated.


Missie said...

I agree with your choice. I wouldn't want a tube sticking out of my lung like that either. Feel better!


My goodness. No wonder it's hard for you to breathe. I hope when part one of the fluid is removed tomorrow, you'll be feeling much better, like the pulmonologist promised. You'll be in my prayers.

Judith HeartSong said...

big big warm hug my Friend.