Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Weather Chaos

Yesterday I had to pick up my car which I had detailed. (I have a family member who does that and get a good deal.) My mother came to pick me up and the weather bug told me it was 62 degrees and it was clear outside. Deciding to welcome spring, I threw on a long sleeved T shirt, jeans and wore flip flops since we were going for a mani/pedi before picking up the car. We found a place that does both on Mon., Tues., or Wed. for $30. In this area that is cheap. By the time we arrive at the nail salon it has cooled off significantly and now is a bit windy. While we are in there heavy rain comes in and before we know it the temperature had dropped 20 degrees! We popped into Dunkin Donuts next door for some warm coffee while waiting for the rain to let up a bit. We got to the garage and noone was there. We went to my mother's and I left a cell phone message to please contact me when they returned from lunch. By the time I got out of the car to pick up mine I had to crank the heat up. My feet were freezing and so were my arms. I made it home but the chill had really taken me over and all night I felt cold. My car looks really good. It's a few years old now and I try to keep a good coat of wax on it. There had also been some mold on a door jam and they removed that. Rob and I went out to get a nephew a birthday gift and pick up a few grocery items. From running in and out of places and having been put through a work out the day before, I am really achey. Hoping I can make it through my entire regimen today. Of course, the breathing is the most important part but they want all my muscles worked out. I think I will take Advil half an hour before I get worked out. I think muscles that haven't been used in two years are being excercised. It's a good thing but no pain no gain I guess. Maybe I can lose a few inches in the process.

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I hate when the temperatures plummet like that. Sorry you got chilled to the bone. Let's hope you don't get sick again, since you've been doing so much better. That would be a high price to pay for a mani/pedi. The clean car, sounds wonderful, though. I need to do that after my bumper gets replaced from the accident.