Monday, March 28, 2011

New Dishwasher

This morning I had a new dishwasher installed. It must sound sad how excited I am over it. My old dishwasher was in the house when we bought it. It only had an on/off switch, it was very noisy and had no boost for water temperatures that were not hot enough. My doctors had asked me if used a dishwasher than sanitized and suggested I get one that did. I try to make use of working things and am reluctant to replace an appliance that still works but when the water was not entering for the rinse I knew it was time. At the time we began to search I found a strong recommendation from Consumer Reports and it was 20% off and then I had a coupon for another 10%. It had all the things I wanted and was highly rated so this last week we ordered it. Now I have to get used to loading and unloading a very different set of racks but I am overjoyed to know that my dishes will be sanitized. Tomorrow I start my lung rehabilitation. I am nervous but excited at an opportunity to improve my breathing. I suspect the pleurasy is still an issue but I won't get another CT scan for a few weeks and that's when they'll know for certain. I found out my insurance covers me for 20 visits only. I am also on my husband's insurance and if I need more visits after that I can use his. Even with insurance it will be costly for us but it is necessary. I am happy for the opportunity after two years of struggling. Yesterday Rob and I had the most delightful brunch. We saw a very small place and stopped when we saw the brunch sign. It was wonderful. They allow you to bring your own wine (no we didn't have wine with us.) I had an individual quiche and salad with their own calamatta olive/artichoke dressing and it was delish. Rob had some scrambled eggs with steak and swiss cheese in them, sourdough toast and some roasted potatoes that he loved. It was reasonable too. Afterwards we stopped at my mother's where my sister was staying for the weekend. The weekend went by fast, they always do. I don't like it when Rob goes to work Mondays. Although I enjoy some occasional solitude, it's different when you aren't feeling well. It's comforting to have someone here. I'll let you know how the lung rehabilitation goes....wish me luck.

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Happy to hear you will start your lung rehabilitation and that insurance covers it. I hope this improves your breathing. It's nice that in the middle of all these health issues, you found a moment to just relax and enjoy brunch. Good for you. It sounded scrumptious.