Monday, March 21, 2011

Looks Like I am Rehab not that kind....

Last Thursday, in addition to my fabulous St. Paddy's Day meal and minor celebration, I paid a visit to my lung doctor. She could hear wheezing in my lung yet and my pulse ox was lower than usual. She decided two things: one, that I was not ready to return to work and picked May 1 as the new day to shoot for and also that I would benefit from Pulmonary Rehab. That is done as an outpatient about three times a week. The difficult will be the traveling to and fro. The drive is an hour each way for me. I will be put on various machines for about an hour and a half each day. A part of me is not looking forward to this but then the other part of me understands that I should not have to continue on with these chronic breathing problems if there is anything that might help me. I am waiting for my insurance company to approve it. (While fighting with them to pay the last bill from the radiology facility I use.) So, I am guardedly hopeful that this may help me and there will be a day in the future where I can shop somewhere there is not a cart for me to push to make it easier to breathe. I am just too young to be doing that and even the "seniors" are making comments to me.
Last Friday my son got sick again. He gets very stressed out over things like the hospital bill he owes for his last stay in February. What a sin that if you have been prudent enough to save that money will keep you from receiving any assistance while had you not done that you would probably owe nothing, but who could take that chance? He is trying to be responsible and pay his own way but finding it frustrating that with all the charity handed out to people who are not citizens (or may have never paid taxes) that he will have to pay for a long time. This country should be taking care of it's own's medical issues before helping others. OK, that's MY opinion but his father and I have worked hard and paid taxes for years (as has he much of the time.)
Yesterday I woke up feeling under the weather myself and realized I have some sort of bug. I've had a headache, aches and pains and some intestinal issues.
Better today and hoping to be A OK tomorrow. That's about all for now.

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I think the Pulmonary Rehab will benefit you a great deal. My fingers are crossed your insurance company oks it. By the way the soda bread was delicious. I was in a car accident this week and had the last piece of it when I was released from the hospital.