Friday, May 21, 2010

Summer least for now

On Facebook there is a page you can "like" called NJ is the only state where you can experience all four seasons in one day. There's a lot of truth to that. Last week it was winter like. Yesterday and today beautiful and sunny about 80 degrees. I decided to take a chance and wash the down pillows yesterday. It did recomment dry cleaning them but because of all the chemical used, anything that can be handwashed instead I try to do. They came out lovely except that now, 24 hours later they are still wet. I have been trying to dry them outside in the sunshine so perhaps they will have the fresh air/sunshine smell I enjoy so much. Rob was not happy not to have his usual pillow last night. When the weather is that nice we have many teens who seem to want to stand on the street corner across from us to talk. While I remember doing that myself, when you have to get up at 5:30 a.m. and people are chatting until 11 it's a problem. Sometimes they begin to laugh and that can get very loud. Often we are forced to close the windows or even put a radio on softly to cammoflage the noise. They are good kids and not doing anything wrong.

This weekend my sister will be coming to help my Mom out. I find myself in a difficult situation as far as going to my Mom's. She has never been a great housekeeper and these days she barely rinses her dishes in lukewarm water. I have been warned by the doctors that my immune system has taken quite a beating and I must be careful. My Dad has COPD and chronic bronchitis. He coughs nonstop. He may have germs that could get me sick again. One doctor suggested I wear a mask around him but both doctors said that if my mother does not use a dishwasher I should not eat or drink anything from her dishes or utensils. I asked her to start using her dishwasher but she refuses. So now, if I go there, I take paper things and plastic utensils with me. I avoid eating anything there to be truthful.

Yesterday I had a wave of energy that lasted two hours in the morning. I cleaned my two bathrooms and kitchen counters. I did a bit of laundry and I actually started a book. I tire easily still. I am starting to cook again and this past week I made chicken marsala and lasagna. I also bought some Romaine lettuce and have been enjoying some nice salads.

On Tuesday I called my dentist after finding a cavity I could see. They had a cancellation and he fit me right in. He didn't want to give me a needle despite my antibiotic premeds so I had my filling without novocaine. It wasn't a deep cavity and I was fine. On Wednesday I went and had my chest x ray. I love that they put it on disc so that I can let both doctors see it when I go back. If all goes well, I will have pulmonary function studies done on June 3. Hoping for some answers from them. I am hoping and praying that the run of pneumonia is done with. This last bout in both lungs was terrible.



Good luck with your test. It's great to hear your appetitie is finally back. Maybe things are turning around for you. I smiled about your pillows and your hubby missing his. When we travel (which is rare these days because of my knees) I can NEVER get to sleep if I don't have my 'pillows from home'... without them, I'm completely lost.

Missie said...

You sure need a break! I don't blame you for staying away from your parents house. You really need to keep yourself healthy. I wish you lots of luck with the pulminary test. Keep us updated.