Friday, May 14, 2010

Good things...:)

Okay there was one not so great thing...the hospital bill arrived. I will round it off $130,000. Remember that is just the facility bill, not doctors. Fortunately, I think I will only owe about $1500.00 of that. I think. Now on to the good stuff......

Yesterday my disability check arrived. Finally. I almost dropped to my knees with gratitude. I had charged groceries (remember my last paycheck was back in mid March) and that bill was due in a few days. SO, I was able to sit here and write some checks and pay some bills. Oh what a great feeling. Rob and I have lived frugally the past month. Now we can have a few things that we have done without. Nothing extravagant. This past year has taught me not to count on next month's paycheck but to try to save anything I can, never knowing when it will be needed. I slept better last night.
ALSO my blood thinner is back to where it is supposed to be. That is finally under control again. I actually had some energy yesterday. It doesn't last...I begin to wind down in the afternoon but at least I don't feel terribly ill as I had for the last month.

I did learn that the hospital reversed all my insurance information. They billed my husband's insurance as primary and the claims were all rejected. Now they have to rebill mine, after I spent about an hour calling them all and giving them the correct information. I know I told the lady who came to get that information how important it was she get it right.
She even copied the wrong addresses where to send the claims off the card.

It's the weekend. Even when I am not working, I rejoice at weekends because that means that Rob will be home with me. When you don't feel well, it's so nice to have someone here. Many days I just don't feel up to driving to the store and I will do without something until Rob can go. My appetite is still off. My sister-in-law made baked ziti and called to offer me a dish (she had made an extra). I couldn't even think about it. Right now the only thing that appeals to me is grilled chicken or a salad. Sometimes an English muffin appeals but anything with a distinct strong flavor is a no no. I wonder how long this will last. Last time I was on steroids I had the same problem. Some people gain weight but I actually lose weight on them.

I am going to take a nap. It's cold and damp here today and I woke up way too early when Duffy had to go out and would not be convinced to wait another hour. Have a wonderful weekend.



Thank goodness your health insurance will help offset the cost of your medical bills. I'm also glad your disability check arrived to help you cover other expenses. I know it must be a huge relief. It's nice to be able to get just a 'few' extras every now and then. I understand how you feel about weekends and husbands. It lifts your spirits.

Ronni Gordon said...

Those insurance companies can be such a pain! Glad things in general are looking better, though.

Judith HeartSong said...

We will call you the bionic woman! I am sending a warm hug and hope that you get lots of rest and love this weekend!