Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday.....Memorial Weekend

OK for those of you who were curious this is a picture of the flip flops. They look cute in the picture but they are a size 10-11 and I wear an 8 1/2 my toes were really covered by the grapes and they were over an inch too long in back. They didn't seem as cute in person. (I admit my attitude has been tainted with negativity this week with the illness, bills etc.) They went to a "closet" for families who need clothing and it's run by a wonderful woman called Pepsi. I guess because of her high energy and sweetness. I try to donate all I can there because I know she helps anyone in need. There are local charities here that really frustrate me. I have a neighbor who is supporting a family of four (two teens) and she makes $13 an hour and works thirty hours each week. She was told to apply for a local food bank and she did. They made her provide more paperwork (bills for the last six months etc.) and when she went there after swimming through the sea of red tape, she was given a gallon of milk and a frozen chicken. This woman has a mortgage etc. I know other people who received help there and got more while they went for just themselves. I won't donate to that one anymore. I love to help charities but only the ones who get the help where it is needed and without making the recipients feel badly about themselves.

When home I try to watch the Rachel Ray show. This week they had two of the New Jersey Housewives and they were both cooking their meatballs. The winner was Caroline Manzo's meatballs which I will be making tonight. If you want to try MAMA MANZO'S MIRACULOUS MEATBALLS (named by her sons which abbreviate as mmmm) the recipe is as follows. In food processor put cloves of garlic and bread (hey no store bought breadcrumbs for mama's recipe). Grind together and add that with salt, pepper and one egg to a mixture of beef/pork/veal. (I get this at the meat dept of local supermarket and it makes great meatloaf as well). Add milk as this will keep meatballs very moist. Roll the meatballs to a nice golf ball size and you can either fry them in a skillet as MM does OR use my method of heating in the oven at 400 degrees for half an hour. MM does not serve hers with sauce (or as the JOISEY Italian cooks say gravy). Nelle's will be with the sauce and on top of pasta. A few days later we will use them for meatball subs. Warm and smothered in mozzarella cheese. The other housewife's recipe used regular ground beef, parsley and a handful of pecorino/romano cheese. I might try MM's with the cheese added to them. You know, the more cholesterol the better the flavor.

Rained last night. I got up at 4 a.m. to go put my windows up (they were down a few inches on both sides of the front.)

I had a back ache and have been awake since. Now I feel a little siesta coming on. If you make the recipe, would love your feedback. Let me tell you Jersey girls can cook. I lived in Maryland until I was in fifth grade. When I tasted pizza here I went crazy. It's so different. The best are "bar pies" which are often a very thin crust and just delish.
Have a great weekend and remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. On Memorial Day I often think of Uncle Jack. He was my mom's uncle who was only 19 when he went to war. That was sixty some years ago. He left wearing his mother's wedding ring and after marrying his sweetheart. Two months later she learned she was pregnant with Jack Jr. He learned when his son "JR" was born but never saw him. He is buried in Anzio, Italy and his mother took the loss of her baby son, the youngest of her eight children very hard. His wife and son lived for several years with my grandmother in her house. His wife never remarried and passed away just last year. So the price paid was very dear for all of them and all the other soldiers and their families.
Thank you Dad, for serving your country and for teaching us, your children, to have pride in her.


Susan C said...

The flops are very whimsical. I'm sure your friend thought they would put a smile on your face.

Here's a great fashion blog post written by a woman who totally agrees with you that the "hot flops" are a "hot mess."

Susan C said...

PS And, no, I wouldn't be caught dead in them, but they apparently have their fans.


The flip flops will be put to a good use now that you've donated them. I'm sure your friend was just trying to cheer you up. But somedays it's hard to smile, I know. I owe the hospital here $17,000 because they didn't bill my insurance properly and they refuse to fix it. It's maddening. The meatballs sound scrumptious. I like the sub idea. I'm celebrating my birthday this weekend and remembering those who served. Enjoy the rest of the holiday. Take care of yourself.

Nelle said...

I used to work for a medical insurance company and when something was billed incorrectly, as a courtesy we called the hospital and asked them to rebill, explaining why it was necessary. They always did. Have you tried asking the insurance company customer service to do that for you? Good luck.