Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Not the best day

Left to right: my mother, myself in the middle and on the right my sister, Dottie. Seated: my niece Vicki (she has a
degree in chemistry and is considering pharmacy school.)
Mother's Day didn't go exactly as planned. My sister had wanted to take my mother to a small restaurant for brunch with her two daughters and myself. I was reluctant to go for several reasons and my sister didn't make reservations, by the time she tried to she couldn't get them. I volunteered my person chef, Rob to make waffles. We told my mother we would come over as soon as we got up. When we arrived she had already gone to the local farmer's (and flea) market. We waited about 45 minutes for her to return. My sister made a nice bowl of fresh fruit and a berry bowl to top our waffles. We also had whipped cream. I opted for the sugar free syrup.
My son had told me the night before he was waiting for a man to come about noon who owed him money and was going to pick up his ride on tractor that he had repaired. After that he would pick up lunch and come over. The man never showed and when he called him, he said he would be there around 4. By the time Tom got home and showered and called me it was 7:30. I wasn't feeling well and told him just to wait for the following day. I didn't feel well all day and I suspect I have some type of virus. I am tired (my eyes are bothering me too much to read even) and I am making frequent trips to the bathroom. I feel light headed at times. After our breakfast Rob and I came home and I just laid on the sofa like a slug most of the day.
It has become rather cold here in NJ. I defrosted steaks for dinner and am hoping it wont' be raining. Rob is having a lot of problems with his back hurting.
I am going to return to my sofa now and put some music on and hopefully drift into a nice catnap. I just can't seem to do anything else.



You all have each other, no matter how you celebrated Mother's Day and that's what matters most. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. Something has been going around here. I caught it, then gave it to my husband. Now he's given it back to me. Sore throat, runny noses and upset stomachs. Can't shake it. Hope your hubby's back problems improve.

Ronni Gordon said...

It sure changes your perspective on everything when you're tired and sick. Plus it's been so cold out. Hope you got a nice nap and you're feeling better.

Missie said...

I'm sorry your day didn't go as planed. Not feeling well doesn't help matters either. Feel better.