Friday, February 26, 2010

A Long Weekend

( Smokey on our computer)
Yesterday our second big snow storm hit us. I was nervous driving to work in the slush. When I first arrived I was the only one there on my team. Later two more people came in. Around noon they decided to let us leave and get paid for the rest of the day. I hurried home and my sweetie was here with the dryer repairman. My dryer once again is working. I am so happy but I felt $236 was a bit on the high side since it was a fuse blown. It did require two visits and the guy showed Rob that we had to be more careful cleaning out lint. He feels that is why it overheated in the first place. As though that were not enough excitement for the week, Rob's car broke down on Wednesday on his way home from work. It had to be towed to a garage and it was a big repair. The water pump went and the mechanic found that the timing belt which was due, needed to be done. He also saw other belts that were worn and we had them taken care of too. The final bill was about $600.00. On top of the dryer bill.

Earlier in the month I urged Rob to pick a grill as a belated birthday present. Our old one was in terrible condition. It was eight years old and rusting out inside. We found a great one at Lowe's $150 off and we had to get the cover and some new utensils too. My paychecks for the next few weeks are spoken for. I know we will really enjoy the grill. My brother and his wife picked it up for us with their truck and when they delivered it,they gave Rob a grocery store gift card for some steaks for it. That was so nice. My brother also helped us with the car repair.

Today I tried to go through the kitchen and refill things like the spice rack on the counter. Made a large grocery list and after supper we went to the market and got many staples we needed. My doctor said my hair loss is due to vitamin loss from my illness and many meds. She wants me to have a lot of soy and protein in my diet. For dinner I made a wonderful stir fry with edeme or soy beans. There was some chicken in it also and it was really good. I made a homemade apple cobbler yesterday and had that for dessert. I bought some soy milk which I have never tried before. It certainly is expensive. She also recommended I have a sugar free Carnation instant breakfast in the morning. I got that. I feel that I do eat very healthy so it is frustrating to have these problems. My hair is so thin now and the strands left are as fine as baby hair. I also have an appointment to see a dermatologist to make sure there is nothing else going on.

Can't believe I still have our weekend ahead of us. I am looking forward to taking it easy. The only thing we must do is take our Sheltie to the vet on Sunday. He has what almost looks like a hive by his eye. It may be nothing but I am very cautious with the health of my furbabies. They have been going crazy with the snow. Smokey is an indoor cat but we allow him out briefly in the fenced in section of the yard. He hates the snow and getting his feet wet. Duffy loves the snow and hates to have to come back indoors. They are such individuals.

Hope you all have a relaxing weekend.



Hope your furbaby is okay. I hate to see pets suffer. Glad your dryer got fixed. It's a shame about your hubby's car needing to be fixed, around the same time. Repairs add up, when you can least afford it. We just found out we have to replace our furnace & hot water heater. Cost TEN thousand dollars. We're in shock.

Missie said...

If it's not one thing needing fixing, it's another. Hope the rest of your week goes better.