Saturday, February 20, 2010

Winding Down

It was a rather hectic week for me...both good and bad. The week started off with me going back to dealing directly with customers where I work (it's a call center). This can be very stressful, especially when you are getting used to all the policy changes and a major revamp of one of the computer systems you are in. Things had changed drastically and I really didn't know how I would manage to catch up. I watched other agents for two weeks but that is totally different than navigating through the system yourself, making one wrong choice can cause you minutes. Customers are not always patient. On Monday, I was reluctant and was given another day to prepare. Tuesday I went live. Fortunately, I have many friends where I work and they all were very helpful. My new supervisor and department head were helpful as well. I am so relieved to be with this new supervisor and her team. One of my former teammates is with me as well. She is so helpful and a very kind person. My past two supervisors were young men and it's a totally different environment with them. This new team are the top performers in our department and we were gifted a party of sorts with two hours off work. We had a room in which to eat a Chinese buffet and lots of enjoyable things to do, such as a pool table and Wii. It ended up with us playing music and these people were so much fun! I am getting to know them personally and they are one great group of people. Our department head joined us and he is a lot of fun too. I really like him. He gets a lot of things done to make our work environment better. I feel so relieved that my job feels so much less stressful.

On the home front my dryer broke. I've had it eight years. It's a Maytag and I bought it for the quality. Not top of the line but it's been great until this week. The repairman is coming this morning. I had washed two tubs of clothes before I learned the dryer would not start. After work I ran to my neighbor Stacey's and she told me to come dry the clothes at her house. I had intended to go to a laundromat. (After all my recent illnesses I was not looking forward to exposing my bedding to more germs.) I thanked her profusely and while the clothes dried, we enjoyed some white wine. When I count my many blessings, I always put good neighbors at the top of my list. We are blessed with a melting pot of people who are all helpful to each other. This is the lowest income area I have lived in (meaning my development, not my town) but these are the most generous and helpful people. I find that so interesting. I lived in an affluent neighborhood previously and those neighbors were never helpful. In an emergency you never knew if they would answer their doors. How sad.

I am still experiencing some dizzy spells and when I walk I still have shortness of breath. In addition to that, my hair is thinning out a lot. I had blood test and I am anemic. I am starting on iron supplements and hoping that will help with the hair issue too. Having less stress at work has certainly helped me. I am going to bed earlier and trying to make sure I get more sleep.

That's about all I have going on here. How are things in your little corner of the world? It's going up to a heated 40 degrees today and the huge mounds of snow continue to melt. Making chicken marsala for dinner. Life is good.


Sonya said...

Glad things at work is going well. My work has been very stressful. Much better working environment however, but just too much to do.

Hope you get to feeling better with the iron pills. I have hair loss too.


Sorry to hear your dryer broke. I hope it can get repaired, without having to buy a NEW one. You're lucky to have such great neighbors. Ours all keep to themselves, with the exception of one family. Unfortunately, they are always in Florida, so I couldn't count on them in an emergency. Hope the iron supplements help with your hair. I have thin hair to begin with, so I undersatnd your concern.

Missie said...

Appliances aren't made to last 50 years or more like they used to! I hope you feel better with the iron supplements.

Susan C said...

I'm so pleased that things are going well at work.

It's so wonderful to have good neighbors, isn't it? Just last week, I had to call my next-door-neighbor to enlist his help in carrying my sick dog to the car.