Monday, February 22, 2010

US Pride

I am so happy that we won over Canada in hockey....except that Martin Brodeur my secret crush is the goalie for the NJ Devils and was on the Canadian team. Did I mention he got whacked in the head by a puck? Knowing how tough he is I only shuddered for a moment. I have never enjoyed sports until I went to a hockey game. My first was in 1990. I was hooked on the NJ Devils. If only I could afford season tickets. Of course it would be very difficult to attend the games and get up the next day for work. I am far too practical, even in my fantasies I guess.

Today at work I was the recipient of a lot of prizes of sorts. I got a notebook that I really like (for a survey that was very favorable), three strands of purple mardi gras beads, a keychain with an LED light and an Amazon bookcard. It's nice to get recognition for your hard work.

I am very tired today. Took my iron but I am still dragging a bit. Coffee gets me through the day. Hoping for a better night's sleep. It's just too tempting to stay awake to watch the Olympics. More later in the week.....



I love baseball, like you love hockey... yet I've never been to a game as an adult. Go figure. Sounds like a nice compliment of gifts, you received from work... especially the book card. And if it helps... my experience with iron pills, is you need to give them some time to work. Hopefully it won't be long. Hang in there.

Missie said...

I've never liked hockey. I think it's so violent! LOL

Have a good rest of your week.