Saturday, February 06, 2010

Snowy Sparkling Saturday

Friends I finished my first week back at work. It was really a good week. In my absence my previous supervisor was promoted and my former team dispensed to other existing teams. I lost many people I had been with a long time. One friend, Jasmine, is on my new team with me. I have known many of the people on my new team and they are lovely people. For the first time, I have some women who are mothers of grown children and I related much better to them.
Some of the younger people show respect to those of us who they consider their elders by calling us "Miss Nelle" or Miss O. They are very helpful and smiling and laughing. We have a happy group. Our supervisor name is a lovely woman who is intelligent, thoughtful, kind and supportive. She expects us to do what we should, but will assist us in any way we need.
I really look forward to being a part of this group. Our entire department got a new top manager. I like him as well. He is so much more personable then people of the past. Our company has made some wonderful changes recently. I was so nervous about returning after four months off but I returned to find a new computer, a new team, two new bosses and a feeling of excitement. It's all good.

Just yesterday I received my disability check which I should have received Jan. 3rd. If I were on my own, supporting myself I would have been in serious jeopardy. As it was, I owed every cent of that check. This Friday I will once again get a paycheck from my employer and can finally be caught up. The cost of food has gone up significantly here. I honestly don't know how people in this area could make it on one income. I find that I am spending at least $50 more per week over last year.

It began snowing about 11 p.m. It hasn't stopped and I would guess we have 20 inches on the ground right now. My mother only lives about two miles away and she is very upset that the health aide she has for my Dad is not going to come at all today. My Dad is a big man and trying to change his diaper at 200 lbs is very difficult. He cannot even stand on his own so getting him out of the bed or into his wheelchair is not possible for her. On days Bryant doesn't come it means my Dad remaining in bed which put him at risk for bed sores. Rob is snow blowing out our driveway but the roads are really bad. We could get there but neither of us can lift Dad either. He is paralyzed on his right side and when you touch that arm he cries out in pain. It's so difficult to care for someone in this condition. My mother turned 78 last week and I don't know how much longer she can do this. It is just so costly to put him in a nice place and she feels that he worked so hard (often two jobs) and he should be able to be in his home he worked so hard for, as long as possible.

We have a pot of stew in the crockpot. Since being told I was anemic I have been trying to eat more beef and the dizzy spells I was having seem to be less and less. Time to catch up on blogs, Facebook games and emails. Hope you have a great weekend.



We got 8 inches of snow and lost internet and cable all last night because of the wind. It is pretty though. Glad your first week back at work was so successful. It's important to be surrounded by GOOD people. Glad that disability check came through for you. I'm so sorry about your dad and mom. It's a difficult situation. We cared for aging grandparents at home and I can empathize.

Missie said...

Stay warm! I hope your mom was okay taking care of your dad.

Virginia said...

We got about 30 inches but gratefully kept our power. We are supposed to get 5 more inches on Tuesday. Too much for me!

Glad going back to work is going well.