Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Hoping for a good night's sleep

I have found it difficult to sleep lately. For one thing I have a nagging pain below my left breast. I am wondering if it is a muscle that was strained or something else. I am taking ibuprofen for the pain but I am not supposed to take very much of it. When the pain prevents me from sleeping I bite the bullet and take it as I have the past few nights.
It is very hard to get my mind to turn off. I never did hear from my mother-in-law. Not a single word and it's been nearly a week since I left her the messages. Obviously, she doesn't seem concerned that she hurt my feelings. I guess that tells me everything. I did send my niece a note explaining how terribly disappointed I was not to get to see her. I wonder if she'll get that note. Rob and I have discussed this at great length. My son wants me to delete my Facebook page because he feels that it is entirely too stressful for me to have something that can cause such upset. I have reconnected with several people on it and would hate to do that. I did send a letter of explanation to my husband's aunt who posted. Just to clear some things up. It is obvious that things have been said from one person's perspective. Do people not understand that most things are skewed by each person's perspective?
I have to get up early tomorrow as I did today. Today I left my house an hour early so that I could mail a photo album I made for a friend's daughter. The friend had passed away and I duplicated all pictures I had for each of her daughter's. The other daughter was thrilled with hers. I also picked up a birthday cake for my boss and took it to work. It's been a long day and I am so tired. Just hoping and praying for a good night's sleep.
I have friends who are being supportive, a husband who loves me and my family who love me...... why do I feel so alone at times? My sister is coming this weekend. I look forward to that and a chat with her friend who is a therapist.


Susan C said...

My dear, hope we both sleep well tonight. I at least have the luxury of a flexible schedule, so if I sleep 3 hourse during the night, I can go back to the land of Nod and sleep from 7 until 9. That gives me a total of 5 hours of sleep, which seems to be enough.

Ronni Gordon said...

I've been having trouble sleeping too. Usually I'm a good sleeper so this is frustrating. If you're not sleeping well, that can lead to some of the feelings you are having. Have you tried taking my favorite drug, Ativan? It is great for anxiety and also helps you sleep.

Missie said...

How about taking Ambian for a couple of weeks until you can get your body back to sleeping well? I use it for a few weeks and then stop and start again when I can't fall asleep.

Have a good rest of your week.

Clerk said...

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