Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Reduction

Finally, yesterday, Monday, the fluid began to improve. I could get my feet into regular shoes. It took four days of lasix for this to happen. I am remaining on it for awhile. At least my calves are not throbbing any longer and my feet are not numb or feeling as though bees have stung them.

I am in a funk. I needed to call the doctor today but did not have time at work to do it. Computer issues which have persisted are adding stress to my days and at this point the last thing I need is more stress. I will have to call the doctor tomorrow to get word on other tests I have had. If I am truly honest, I am sick of illness, doctors and tests. My son came over Sunday and began to lecture me. I know he is well meaning but I just need a long vacation which is not a possibility. Not if I want to keep my job. My August day off is spoken for with several doctor visits being crammed into the one day. Having my mammogram which is nine months overdue. In September I have three doctor visits scheduled in the evening. I will be lucky if I can make it there from work in time. I am not my usual optomistic, perky self. There are lots of things I could go into but not in a public blog. I am thinking of making a private blog. Not that I really have time to blog mind you............


Missie said...

I understand how you feel about doctors and tests. I'm tired of it all too!

I'm glad your finally getting some relief with the lasix.

Have a good Friday!

Ronni Gordon said...

Glad the fluid is going down. That must be a relief. Sorry about the funk! It's understandable. If you can't take a vacation, can you find snippits of time for relaxing? My father was fond of saying: "This too shall pass."