Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend Wrap Up

I really shouldn't take the time to do a quick post but I shall. I'm just enough of a risk taker to believe I will then get ready in record time for my periodontist visit this morning. Deep cleanings there are like well, torture with a slight numbing agent on my gums. I have had gum issues previously and I have to be vigilent about keeping germs out of there as it can cause big valve problems for me. I also have to take antibiotics to have the procedure done as a precaution. Not a big deal anymore but just another thing to remember.
The good news is............
1. I have a paid day off of work making it a four day work week and since next Monday is Labor Day that will make two consecutive four day work weeks. woohoo!
2. Today is my seventh anniversary with Rob.
Yes, seven years ago I married the unique person known as Rob. I could never describe him and do him justice. I might embarass him because he is very manly with other guys and I see a soft side that I'm sure they never will. We have been through a LOT together. We were only married two years when he had to go through the heart surgery with me. That was a rough one. They once called him at two in the morning and he nearly had a heart attack. His goatee starting getting gray hairs that day. I have given him a lot of gray hairs.
In each marriage there is always someone who gives more. In my first marriage it was me. I gave and gave and got little in return. With Rob, we try very hard to keep it even. We share housework etc. Due to my health issues, Rob has had to give a lot more than any husband should have to.
Rob and I have shared a lot of sadness as well as laughter. Right now he is giving me daily support as I am seeing my grandmother and father slip away.
This weekend my father was especially troubled. He seemed to be in pain and I could not figure out what was wrong. His communication skills are worsening. I ground up a tylenol for him and put it in milk. After a few minutes he seemed better. I cared for him Saturday and Sunday so my mother could get out a few hours each day. It is a difficult situation to care for someone who is so physically helpless and cannot communicate either. Ijust do the best I can when I am there and constantly reassure my mother that she is doing the best she can and noone can ask more of her.
Well time to get ready. Later this afternoon I go for my mammogram. I am overdue on that. With my history, shame on me but at least I am doing it now.
Fall is coming. How I love the Fall. The beauty of Fall, the fun of Halloween, and the spirit of Thanksgiving, all setting the scene for the holidays around the corner, just lighten my spirits.


Missie said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Ronni Gordon said...

Ditto on the happy anniversary. It's so wonderful to have such good support.

Funny you mention dentists' visits and mammograms. Those are both things I am way behind on and I would like to get done, especially the teeth cleaning, but I can't because of the low platelets.