Sunday, August 16, 2009

Frustration thy name is fluid

Last week when the fluid issue began I was not all that concerned. When it happened before I took lasix (then potassium) and problem solved. This time it is not working. When I was in the hospital post heart surgery I had THIRTY POUNDS of fluid on me. Hadn't eaten in ten days so it might have been more. Anyhoo I had a line in my neck which they shot the lasix into intravenously. Within ten minutes and several gallons of fluid leaving I was okay. For that week I had to have the lasix daily. Eventually this resolved. With the oral medication this does not seem to be resolving. At this point the only shoes my feet will fit into are flip flops. Cannot go to work like this. I am not eating any salt and I have lowered my fluid intact. I did go to a lab 7 a.m. Friday to have some blood tests made. I will contact the doctor Tuesday for results. I am miserable. My feet alternate between hurting and going numb. Going up and down my stairs (which I did four times this morning already) is very hard on my feet. Yesterday I went and sat with my father for four hours so my mother could go out. The entire time my feet were propped up on their sofa. When my mother came home I came immediately home. I have done nothing this weekend and I have a dirty laundry hamper filled to prove it. I am beyond frustrated. I keep fixating on what is wrong and how I will be able to go to work and get this resolved. I keep thinking that I left my mother-in-law two voicemails telling her I was upset some two and a half weeks ago and she hasn't even bothered to call. Haven't spoken to her in FIVE weeks now since I was first diagnosed with pnemonia. I know that I have to let that go but right now I am not feeling well and it's harder to do. I know I could go to the ER and they would tell me to contact my doctor. Going to go lay back down in bed. I have been up three hours and Rob is up now and can take care of the animals.
Usually I am good at coping with illness but I am sleep deprived and miserable.


Ronni Gordon said...

Sounds horrible. Sorry you're going through this. Like everything else, you will get to the bottom of this. Hope you get a resolution quickly. Feet up!

Susan C said...

Ugh! Does in deed sound miserable.

I can't help but picture one of those spigots, like they insert into maple trees. Wouldn't it be nice if we could stick one in and let all that fluid just drain out?

Missie said...

Since I just had my 4th kidney stone, I had to get off the Lasix. I was taking it daily to help with fluid. I know how miserable you must feel. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

Pat said...

I hope you will soon be feeling better. My Mom has problems with retaining fluid in her feet and legs. She takes a fluid pill everyday, but they still swell really bad.

jennifer said...

Oh Nelle, I wish there were something I could do. So I will send you healing thoughts with the hope you're feeling better sooner than soon.