Sunday, August 09, 2009

The weekend draws to an end.............

There were some great moments to this weekend. My niece who I did not get to see emailed me for the first time. Only a few lines but it brought joy to my heart to know she is thinking of me, as I do so often of her. Last night my sister made dinner (she is at my parents for another four day weekend) and invited us over. Her friend, a therapist, was also a dinner guest. I have known him many years and he always has some good stories to tell. Of course the names have been changed to protect the innocent, and actually the not so innocent sometimes. My father has began to curse. Not unlike someone with a well known illness. He gets frustrated and blurts out four letter words that my mother absolutely forbade in our home. She has a strong and immediate reaction which seems to spur him on to do it even more. Last night she began to yell at him and got very upset. I must tell you that this is quite funny to witness. My belief is that words are just words. In my home we never ran around cursing all the time, but I never made it such a huge thing either. My son never went wild with cursing but if a words slipped out here or there I just ignored it. We have all advised my mother to do the same but she refuses.
Tonight I began to cough again and I am wheezing horribly. Use of the inhalers does not seem to be helping. I am hoping with all my being I am not going to have a pneumonia relapse. I have read that stress can contribute to this and also once you have had pneumonia you are more vulnerable to having it again.
I will see how I am tomorrow. I have used up two of my four times I can call out for the year which doesn't end until March. I keep hoping they will revamp this policy.
Other than that I really stayed home. Was home all day today and most of yesterday. Trying to just relax as much as possible.
Our anniversary is approaching at the end of August. Trying to think of something that I can afford which will put a smile on Rob's face. He is quite appreciative I must say which makes giving him anything a pleasure. Seven years. We have known each other ten years and he is still here. I know it wasn't easy moving nearly three hundred miles away from the town he had always lived on, friends and family. He is now a proud New Jersey homeowner. Most of the time, life is good.


Sonya said...

Hi there....hope all is going well. My mother will stop anyone in a heart beat if cursing is in the room. She won't have it. She'll call you down. She has called him down on FB on YoVille. "Hey she says - no cursing at my Yo House".
Work is unreal here today. You would not believe it. Also I'm bored. It was so busy last week. Nothing going on this week.

Missie said...

Gee, where have I been! It's hump day already! LOL

I'm glad you're finally feeling better.

I'm still suffering with this kidney stone. Pain has started back tonight. Geez, I was hoping I had passed it by now! LOL