Wednesday, July 08, 2009


Folks I just can't get a break right now. (Except that I know some super people like Jennifer and Susan and others who always add some sunshine to what would be dismal days). I have been having problems breathing and for the past few days it was worse. I left work early yesterday hoping to get in and see my doctor. Couldn't yesterday but did today and she thought I had pneumonia. In my right lung (it's the troubled one apparently). She sent me to the hospital and sure enough the thing is filled with pneumonia junk. Now I will be out of work the entire week. Thank God Jennifer sent me a basket containing lots of sugarfree goodies (Thank you Lord!) and it will be on my night table. At times like this I pray for a laptop to magically appear but sadly it doesn't. Maybe Santa but that's a few months off. So I am gasping for air at times. Those times are when I make any movement. Thankfully I have a handicapped parking tag so my voyage from the car to the x ray department was only about a quarter of a mile in which time I felt sure I would collapse. I was almost tempted to steal a hospital wheelchair but I frown on stealing. So, for the rest of the week I will be around. Can't say I will be enjoying myself. I feel run down and my oxygen intake is low right now. There is a birthday cake on it's way to me. I know this because Rob would NEVER not get me a birthday cake. Just praying it has strawberry filling. I am only going to have a small piece. Pinkie swear.


Missie said...

Oh no! Stay off your feet and rest! Feel better soon!

Susan C said...

You are always taking care of everyone else, I guess this is the only way you're gonna' take it easy and get some rest. I just wish it was a more fun way to make it happen.

Enjoy that cake with, hopefully, strawberry filling!

jennifer said...

You could have borrowed the wheelchair. That's not stealing; that's borrrrrrowwwwwwing.

Hope your birthday ended with strawberry filled cake and that you're feeling better today. Take the next few days away from work and just take time to heal.

Treats on bedside tables have magical medicinal powers. True.

Ronni Gordon said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. It awful to be unable to breathe. But they'll fix you up and now you have to rest. Take care!