Friday, July 10, 2009

For a few hours of good sleep

I have not gone to work for three days. You would think I would be well caught up on sleep. NO WAY! Yesterday as soon as I got to sleep the doctor's office called for blood test results. Back to sleep and a few short minutes later my grandmother called to see how I was doing. At this time I got upstairs and came down for a cup of tea. My sister called from a specialist's office to another doctor' s phone number. This went on ALL DAY.I signed into Facebook figuring that is a stress free activity and then the IMing started by one friend. I have been through so much with her. She is married to someone I begged her to get away from. After he abandoned her while she was having surgery in one state, she managed to get back here. While I was going through a divorce, she wanted to live with me but I said no. I did buy her groceries and help her. Next thing I knew she was back with Mr. Trouble again. She won a lawsuit and he wanted to get married suddenly. They did and I wasn't invited to the wedding. Shortly afterwards he took her money, her car and was gone again. She let me know but then backed off for a long time. Now suddenly she has reappeared on Facebook and is looking for more support. I have told her several times that I have my hands FULL. Yesterday when she wanted to tell me all about this guy I told her I have been down this road with you so many times. Your kids begged you not to do this and here you are again. I'm sure she wanted help. Sorry. Not going there again. She saw a friend of mine on Facebook and began talking to HER. That irked me. I have now blocked Facebook IMing. I need this like I need another lung full of fluid. I am going to shower and see if I can get a nap in. I am wiped out. Mentally and physcially.

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Missie said...

I hope you can get rested up over the weekend and feel better.

You're right about the friend. Sometimes, you just have to cut yourself out of the drama.

Have a good one.