Thursday, July 23, 2009

Life is very hectic

My life is so hectic with being back to work, running errands and trying to help my mother. I have almost no time for myself right now save the hour I may steal to check emails and facebook.
Please say a prayer today for my sister-in-law, Leslie. She was in a bad car accident yesterday. The car she was driving was totalled and her leg is broken in both of the major bones as well as the knee cap has been damaged. The swelling was too bad to do the surgery they had planned about dinner time yesterday. I am concerned she will regain the use of this leg. She is a very busy woman and always helping others, particulary her parents. Her coworkers all know her to be the one to help them when they have had babies or surgeries. This is also a trying time for my brother, Bob and their two teen aged children. It will be hard to be focused on work today but I must. I have two events already and am only permitted four in a YEAR. Just learned that anything else we do counts as part of this point system so if you do anything improperly on your job this can be considered points. Don't know why this was all combined but it was.
Will try to post an update on Leslie soon for those who wish to keep her in your prayers.

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