Sunday, July 26, 2009

Last review

Last week was quite eventful in many ways. I made a few posts about my sister-in-law, Leslie. She has had surgery to repair the femur and the other bone (sorry I forget). They had to put a piece of cadaver bone in the leg. They are hoping to get her to a rehab tomorrow although she won't be able to stand on it for quite a while. When she gets home she is going to need round the clock nursing care for awhile. This was very serious. We are concerned but honoring her request that noone visit her except for her parents, my brother and her children because she is in a lot of pain from the pins and grafts of bone. I just wrote her a note and a card. I will wait until some of the attention dies down before doing something for her.
On another note I had a very positive experience. I was chatting with a friend from high school who found me on FaceBook. She was telling me how she stays in touch with the son of a friend who passed away many years ago. That struck a chord because I lost a very dear friend in 1986. She had hepatitis as a teen and then had out of control high blood pressure which noone realized was from liver failure. She was sent to a hospital for testing and she coded from the dye. They resuscitated her but then told her she had a short time to live. She was only 34 years old and she had two young daughters. On top of that her husband had just left her for a younger woman. She was working two jobs. I got a call on a July morning as I was returning home with groceries from her older daughter. She was 14 and told me she had found her mother dead. We were both in shock. I kept in touch with them but at some point we lost touch. It was heartbreaking when I last spoke with the father of the older daughter who told me she had just had a baby (she named after her mother). The younger daughter was having some really difficult problems and he was putting her in boarding school. I won't go into details but it has been over twenty years since I communicated with them.......until this week. I found them both on Facebook (actually through their father's account). I emailed them both. The older one still has a lot of anger over losing her mother and seems to blame her. I think she is confused. No doubt over the years she heard her father's accounts of things which would have varied from mine. On Saturday I made copies of many pictures and sent them and the last gift Kathy bought me, to her younger daughter, Dawn. I have to tell you I held that tiny gold pair of earrings and I cried each step to the post office. I hated to let them go but I knew that they were meant to be with her daughter. Her daughter had a lot of questions for me about her mother, and also about her father that she never met. Her parents were divorced when her daughter was an infant. I have them back in my life. The older one seems very stand offish and I am hearing a lot of what I consider propaganda that was told to her being repeated from the younger one who does not believe it. As I licked the envelope I whispered a prayer to my friend that she would send love in the envelope and let the girls feel her love for them. I believe love transcends time and space. I believe that I was meant to get in touch with these girls again. I think it is part of a healing process that Dawn is going through. I feel very blessed to be a part of it in any way.
Weekend was hectic and hurried and at one point my computer desk fell apart. Hubby had to fix it with more screws but feet broke off of keyboard and I am always wanting the feet OUT to use it. We'll see how this goes.
Saw Dad today and several times he just laughed out loud. That is food for the soul. I am capturing all of these things and tucking them away to remember when I need them.
Hoping for a good week.

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Missie said...

I think it's wonderful you were able to find the girls. Knowing how close you were to their mom, I'm sure means so much to them.

Enjoy your week.