Friday, March 09, 2007


You know when we were in Vegas with our friends Debbie and Don for their wedding, we were driving along in a minivan taxi when the song "URGENT" by Foreigner came on. Immediately Debbie and I began to dance in our seats. It was great and her son actually snapped a pic. Since then this song has been running through my mind over and over. I got the McHubby to get it from Itunes then convert it to an MP3 for my computer and even burn it to a CD. I guess that might be overkill for some but I have decided that this must be my theme song and karma reunited me with it. Funny thing is, later Debbie's new husband told her that when he saw us doing that so early in the morning he began to question her sanity. Oh he has so much to learn about us. I love music and it's key in my life.

For some reason, since we switched to the new Blog I am having problems. I cannot post pics on my computer and I lose my entries when I click publish, except for the titles. When I open my entry form there is no bar across the top with the text, picture options at all. Odd. I opened it on Rob's computer and it's all there so it must be some glitch on my computer. Guess I will delete all cookies and see if that helps.

Today is a mental health day. I needed one desperately. I had a friend from the office I used to work in. He was going through a divorce and really troubled. I hated to leave that office, knowing I was one of the few people really concerned about him. I tried to stay in touch but for at least a month he was nowhere to be found. I finally heard from him today. He had a bad month or so but things are going much better for him. He is even back at home where I think he will only get better. This made my day. I truly care about the people I consider to be my friends. Speaking of friends, kudos to Jennifer for giving me the St. Paddy's Day bear and the flaoting shamrocks. She is my blogging mentor. She does a great commentary on American Idol if you haven't checked it out, make your way over there. Link to the right......................hurry up, it's urgent!!!

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