Friday, March 23, 2007

Pass the chicken soup!

I woke up yesterday with a sore throat. This is one of those colds that starts out like a sore throat and then escalates. I did a few things I had to today then came home and have nursed my throat with tea and it now wants chicken soup. My throat does not give a damn that today is a lenten Friday. I say if you're sick then you have a dispensation. I deem it so and I will be having my chicken soup. I will do a good deed. That good deed will be to control my temper which right now could be set off.

I have to wonder about a lot of things these days. Do people NOT have any loyalty anymore?
When you spend days working with someone, filling your tank with gas, putting miles on your car do they not feel loyalty? Do they feel it's okay to meet another agent and tell them that no they are not working with anyone and then allow that person to pressure them into doing something that even they don't feel is right? I don't get it. I have bought three houses. Each time I had ONE person who was taking me around. That person handled any inquiries I had. ALL three times I purchased the second house I looked at. Damn, I never knew just how easy I was!
I thanked the person for their time spent and I truly appreciated it. I find that either I was very strange or the world has changed. Now people do not seem to feel loyal in such circumstances.
I have decided that I deserve to be treated better than that.

I'm cranky and I think I need a nap and some more hot beverages......and maybe some chocolate. Yea that's the ticket.

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