Saturday, March 10, 2007

Blogger Issues Resolved?

Top O the morning!

I am hoping that I finally have fixed my computer issue with blogger. It seems I needed to download SP2, my computer which is three or four years old only had 1, not 2. Before I could do this download yesterday I found that my computer had not alerted me to 67 updates. It needed to do all of them before I could download SP2. It took about five hours in total, even though I have DSL and not dial up to get all of this done but this morning after clearning the cache as a safeguard, I once again have my tool bar across the top, allowing for text colors and photos. Hopefully this is now resolved because every now and then I just want to post a pic.

I have given myself a weekend off work unintentiaonally. Long story which I won't explain. Ironically Rob has worked overtime the past three nights and is working again today. I was hoping to sleep in but scratching paws on my bedroom door thought otherwise. Perhaps a nap later as I never feel truly rested.

Yesterday my anniversary gift arrived and I am so excited. Mind you, my anniversary was August 31 but they only ship these twice a year. It's a Princess Diana of Wales rose bush. It even came with a garden stake identifying it. I am trying to figure out the perfect place in my yard for it. Someplace sunny but not too dry or damp. When I told my grandmother she was so excited I wish I had ordered one for her. I probably could but hers wouldn't be shipped until the Fall and she will be 95 in July. Not sure she could plant it with the digging required. I wish I could make a plan for my yard and do flower gardens. I simply love flowers, the beauty of them. It's odd that as I have gotten older my likes have changed. I have become so fond of sunflowers and roses which I didn't care for when I was younger. I have found a variety of sunflower which is much shorter with many smaller heads which I grow now. I save the seeds and use them for the birds. I feed birds all year long in the back bordering the woods. It's so relaxing to watch them. I especially enjoy watching the red headed woodpeckers. We have a cat but he's an indoor cat so he watcheds through the glass patio door for hours. When he was younger his teeth would chatter with excitement but now he's five and seems calmer.

My project today is to clean off my computer desk and tidy up my files. I have so much paper. Even though I have most things in my day planner and computer, I like a back up. I hope everyone has a relaxing weekend filled with memorable moments.

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jennifer said...

They will still ship Diana, usually through mid-summer. I've gotten bareroots as late as May. Or, you could try to find a garden center that sells J&P roses. (You could get gramma the one without the marker.)

She's a stunning rose, far, far prettier in person than in photos.

Glad you got all that downloading accomplished.