Monday, March 12, 2007

Back to Work...........

Today is beautiful and Springlike. I seized the opportunity to walk door to door and distribute items I had purchased with my name and business phone numbers on them. Remember when you receive those items they are not cheap. Do not throw them out. Put them to good use! I tied them neatly in bags and left those for those who were not home when I arrived. It might go up as high as 60 degrees today! The sun is so bright I had to wear shades!

I am feeling better today. This weekend I was on a new medicine and it kicked my asthma into high gear. I was wheezing so badly last night that I could hardly breathe. Of course, I am also thinking that Spring allergies may be at least partly to blame. I never did get my rosebush planted. Rob didn't sleep at all Saturday night and then yesterday we both catnapped all day.
Or we tried to. Our phone which rarely rings, was ringing off the hook each time we fell asleep. Our neighbor who comes no more than four times a year, came over and woke us up twice. Murphy's Law I guess. Just in time for St. Paddy's Day too. I have my Saturday dinner purchased and ready to cook. I always make it fresh, including the Irish Soda Bread. Honestly, mine is better than any other I have ever tasted. I got the recipe from Irish America Magazine.
They got it from Ireland. I have a great wreath on my front door, complete with tiny green bowlers and some green wee beer mugs. We have Irish stuff around all year long. Still, I keep a few things that I only bring out once a year. Have you seen the advertisement for Guinness where the three guys get up and it's just like Christmas but all gifts are wrapped in green and are Guinness? It's so funny. In a perfect world maybe.

Well I have to be in to work at 6 tonight until 9. I have already run a few errands and am ready for a rest! Of course I just know that if I actually nod off the phone will ring immediately! If I believed in curses, I would swear someone put one on this house that no human is to actually get restful sleep. If anyone knows a remedy for the antisleep curse, please let me know.

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