Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring has Sprung

Yesterday we had a magnificent day here, 74 and beautiful sunshine. I was caught up with work until about 2 but got home in time to take Duffy and Smokey outside to enjoy it which they did.

I am upgrading my computer connection. I don't know if anyone else has upgraded to FIOS.
They ran the lines a few weeks ago. The internet connection is supposed to be faster than cable. The best part is that I can get unlimited long distance AND computer connection (including a wireless router free) for under $70. I now use a wired router which means we are confined to the upstairs only. If I opt for a business laptop up the road I will really enjoy being able to use it downstairs or on the patio. I realize that if I went with all cable the phone would be less but our neighbors have done that and when they lose the cable they have no phone service. That can be a real problem and I don't want it.

Am working hard on a business deal. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes when people buy a home. Mortgage approval, negotiation of the contract, inspections etc. Right now I have written a contract but it has not been presented yet, waiting for one of the parties to be present. I am remaining far. One of my coworkers recently remarked how odd it is when you see that two people who are married for years are on totally different pages about what they want. Normally the wife is going on emotion "I LOVE this" while the husband is the voice of practicality. It's a real study in people. I enjoy working with people and I find there is always something I learn from each person that I deal with. Keeps it fresh.

Time to go shower and get to a training session this morning. My office is wonderful, we have weekly training and so much more. It's a great support system.

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