Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I was supposed to take a client out today. I really like this couple and am excited to be helping them find a home. She agreed that the roads were dangerous early in the a.m. when we had planned to go and we have pushed it off until next Saturday.

I did my usual meal and although it was delicious it was a lot of work. I just love having the leftovers and if we go out we don't get them. To be honest, I feel that my corned beef and cabbage (with my secret ingredient: Guinness) is better than any I have had anywhere.
The soda bread was scrumptious and I wish my internet friends could pop in for some and a nice cup of tea. I am trying to watch my carbs. My bloodwork is indicating my sugar is too high and my doctor thinks I may be predisposed to diabetes which is in my family. I hate needles and would not want to have to deal with more medicine. I am hoping I can control my eating better and avoid dealing with it in the future.

Today, as on every day where we are focused on the Irish, I miss my grandfather. He was an important person in my life. My Dad was in the Navy and my mother was not one to travel.
Much of that time I lived with my grandparents in their tiny house. I still have my grandmother at 94 but I lost him about twenty years ago. I still miss him. When I was only about ten he had a very bad heart attack. We rushed to the hospital to be with him and he kept telling me not to worry. He was in his fifties and shortly after that he had to retire. Over the next few years he had a series of strokes. I always rushed to be at his side and it was always he who comforted me. When I had cancer and had to have radiation treatments he came to New Jersey and took me for one. He was an emotional person and it really got to him. He nearly fainted. He was always there for his grandchildren. After his last stroke, he was a shadow of the person he had been. It was so hard to watch. One of the last days I spent with him we were in the kitchen eating breakfast. He kept looking at me and I asked him if he was okay. He nodded but didn't really seem too alert that morning. I got up and went to sit on the sofa and he suddenly stood up on his own, got his walker and followed me. He came right over to me and began to cry and said "I love you honey." I couldn't believe it. I jumped up and hugged him and told him I loved him more.
A minute later he slipped back into the shadows. It was a magical moment and I will never forget it. Within a few months he was gone. I was blessed to have had him, my Irish grandfather.

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alphawoman said...

What a beautiful memory. I have tears in my eyes. I know how it feels when the fog lifts for a few moments and you see the person you know and love shine through for a few moments. Happy be-lated St. Patricks Day!