Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Yesterday I talked with the doctor who said I needed to go fill the steroid prescription. I did and had about three hours of sleep last night, was up another hour then got one hour more of sleep before the alarm went off at 7 a.m. I hope I get a lot more sleep tonight. I did make it to work today, although there were several episodes of me coughing to the point of gasping for breath. Yesterday I did manage to get to a hair stylist who took several inches of thin and dried out hair off. I was so happy to hear her say she saw some new hair growing back. My sides have lost much more than the back. I also got my tax prep stuff to the accountant and made a quick run to Staples. I had to get some more plastic envelopes to sort things for the new tax year. I am so anticipating a nice refund this year. Our income for 2009 dropped over $15,000 from the previous year. Rob was unemployed for half the year and with me being out on disability for five months total, we took quite a loss while our medical costs were thousands higher than the previous year. I am getting caught up and grateful for that.

I cannot believe I still do not have my Easter decorations out. We are planning to get them out tonight after American Idol then hop into bed. I have bought very little in the way of things for the Easter baskets that I prepare for the men in my life. (I have a husband, son and two furboys.) Furboys do not get baskets but a small toy and a treat. We had Duffy groomed last week and he looks so handsome. The cat keeps his fur immaculate so is self grooming. Since I have been sick again my Smokey has been hovering near me.

My eyes are tired and I'm going to sign off and shut down the pc and give them a rest. Stay dry.


Missie said...

Steroids are great in helping us feel better but the side affects like no sleep stinks! Hope you get some sleep tonight.

Virginia said...

You have sure been through a lot with health issues. I am hoping for you a wonderful summer of feeling wonderful.

Peace, Virginia


Glad to hear your hair has new growth. It must be a relief to know that. Steroids always make me a little crazy.I didn't put up my Easter decorations this year... don't know where we put the animated bunny. I still have a poinsetta sitting on one of my tables. But I did get Easter candy. Got to have PEEPS. LOL