Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sick again.......

The past few weeks I have been plodding along, putting into motion new things that are going on at work. There have been some big frustrations for me and I know that I cannot blog about them. I will say that my new boss is supportive and that has been a big help. While she tried to help me she was not able to make the decisions.

On Wednesday one of my coworkers came to work very sick. Or maybe it was Tuesday. Midday he left to go home as by now his voice was gone. He didn't return to work until Friday, by which time he was well. In the meantime I and another coworker came down with the same ailment. The other young man (who is one of my favorite coworkers ever) seemed able to throw it off and was taking some over the counter meds. I cannot afford to do that with the prescription meds I take. I made it through the week but last night I began to feel very ill and discovered I was now running a temp as well as wheezing from my chest. I called the doctor this morning and she agreed to see me. (They reserve a few hours each week for Saturday appointments for people who are sick.) She told me that I had bronchitis but didn't think I had pneumonia again. I already have three inhalers and she advised me to use them and gave me an antibiotic. I filled it and am trying to rest this weekend. She gave me a note and advised me to stay home Monday if I was not better, call her and come back in, possibly for a chest xray. I am supposed to get a lot of rest and I am on the sofa with the tv on. I sure hope I am feeling a lot better by Monday. I have no sick days. They were taken for the first days when I went out on temporary disability. It's a constant mind battle for me: when do I use a sick day as I can only call out four times a year, trips to an emergency room don't count as unscheduled call outs but with a large copay it's not something I can do frequently. I know in this economy I am lucky to have a job. I just wish I were healthier and didn't have to worry about losing it for call outs.

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Missie said...

I sure hope you're feeling better!