Monday, March 15, 2010


Yesterday we managed to move the furniture out of the way. Our guest room has the same furniture as Deborah and Raymond's if you ever watched the show. The armoire is VERY heavy but we managed to move it to pull the carpet up from the corner. We had to move the bed and everything except the computer hutch. We found the padding was saturated as well as the floor under it. We spent all day using a space heater and a blow dryer and a fan to get the floor and carpet dried. We went to Home Depot and bought new foam padding which Rob was able to put down with just a staple gun. That cost us about $35. Finally by after ten p.m. we were done and exhausted. In the course of removing the padding I managed to step on a hidden rusted carpet staple and my foot is sore. I am going to reach my doctor this morning and arrange for a tetanus shot. Not sure when my last one was. I called out of work to take care of that. We barely slept this weekend and when we were awake we were doing a lot of physically demanding things. I am tired. Going to take care of the shot, get some groceries and try to rest a bit. I do think we managed to get the carpet and floor dry quickly enough not to have to replace it. It doesn't even smell although I will have it shampooed.

Hopefully things will go smoothly today. Keep your fingers crossed!
By the way, many people in New Jersey are still without power. One neighbor told her that our electric company gave her an expected time of TUESDAY. Thankfully, they did better than that.


Aine Butler-Smith said...

Wow! Went back a couple of posts to get caught up, this has been a heck of a month for you. I've been seeing coverage of the storms, this morning while flipping through the channels while having my breakfast, there were trees crashed through houses, streets flooded and power out for tens of thousands. Awful.
I know what you mean about cable service, major rip off, we just had our rates raised. We tried to go the bundled route with phone but the cable installer told us the phone service was actually terrible. I'm grateful he was so honest!
I hope things get better soon.



Hope your foot is feeling better. Getting a tetanus shot was a good idea. Don't want it getting infected. Sounds like you took care of the carpet fiasco... so glad you didn't have to replace it. Would have cost so much more than just the padding. You've been dealing with a mountain of trouble. Let's hope things turn around for you and your hubby soon. What's that expression... god doesn't give us more than we can handle? Makes you wonder, sometimes.