Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sleep Please

I am having trouble sleeping. It's probably because I have so much on my mind these days. My brother took my mother yesterday to Motor Vehicles where they turned in my Dad's license so he can be taken off her car insurance. He has not driven in about a year and a half and since he is in the condition that he is, it was foolish for her to spend money on the insurance but as long as he lived in her house as a licensed driver she was required to. It was an emotional day for both of them. My brother often comments that my Dad is gone yet still here.

I believe I mentioned in another post about my hair. It has been very distressing to see handfuls coming out each day.
I have actually started washing it every other day to reduce the loss. The dermatologist sent me for blood work and for some reason the lab sent a copy here. Somethings I just do not need to know such as all the abnormal cells they found. I have been reading and I fear that my artificial heartvalve is the culprit. It can "TEAR UP' your red blood cells so that they cannot transport the oxygen. At work we often have to walk downstairs and across the building. Oh how I have come to dread this. Coworkers pass me and I am gasping for breath and simply must stop. One young lady, Janis, is a sweetheart and waits for me. She has health issues and recently returned to work herself. She knows how hard it is. It also appears that although I am on blood thinner my platelets are up to 445 which is high. Well, blood thinner does not affect the number of platelets it just makes them less sticky to avoid clots. My calcium is also very low. I cannot wait for the doctor to call me back and discuss the results. I am doing my best to shove all this knowledge to the back burner of my mind. Today I purchased shampoo recommended by a few hair dressers which they say will feed the hair follicles. $30 for the large bottle for each product. I also bought four tops for work and new earpieces for my Ipod. My Leprechaun got new Timberland boots which he needed for his warehouse work and three shirts. We had lunch at Ruby Tuesday's. We always get the tiny mini burgers and the salad bar. I treated myself to a glass of red sangria. Yum!
Rob has gained so much weight since we got married his wedding ring no longer fit him. It is being resized 1 1/2 sizes larger! It's a nice ring which he uses for dress. He has a different ring he wears for working.
We accomplished a lot today. Errands, shopping and some time just for us this morning. I am really tired but we will catch the HBO movie before bed. Hope to wind up the taxes tomorrow and check the bank statement.
It was so sunny and beautiful here today. Hope it was where you are too.



Hope you get some sleep soon. I remember when my father-in-law stopped driving because of his health. It was quite an ordeal. Very stressful. My daughter eventually got his car. Maybe the new shampoo will help with your hair loss. We love Ruby Tuesday too. Great salad bar.

Missie said...

I remember when my grandfather had to hand in his license. That was the beginning of the end. He just gave up on life after that. I felt so bad for him.

Hope you get some sleep. I know all too well how miserable it feels not to sleep.

Susan C said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this, Nelle. Please get well soon.