Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Soaking Saturday

We are getting p0unded today with heavy wind and rain. The rain was hitting the windows so hard it woke me at 4 a.m. I have actually been up since then. Once I wake I become aware of all the things I neglected to do before I went to bed because I was so tired. I then feel compelled to do them even though I am still very tired and my eyes do not want to open.

Yesterday we both got paid. I sat down and promptly paid bills and was truly amazed that $1,200.00 left us as quickly as it arrived in the bank. The cost of living seems so high these days.
I feel like I am being held hostage to have decent internet and television. If I go with the cable company for internet it means I must supply the router and set it up myself. That seems complicated. I am currently using Verizon Fios and it is ridiculously overpriced and doesn't always work as great as they say. They did give me a free wireless router and that I like. Still, not worth what I am paying for it. Several of my neighbors bundled using cable and their phone service is horrible. My son did the same thing and the phone has been a nightmare. All seem to be told it's their phone when they call. The phones that don't work seem to work find at my house so I think there is another issue. Rob is working today. We are getting caught up on our bills, even the medical bills that are still trickling in. I feel good about that. I just hope that I can put some money back into my emergency fund that was used as it is low.

I saw a doctor this week about my hair. I believe I blogged about this already, but my hair is drastically thinning out. I don't want to say falling out because it sounds so severe but each time I wash it, or dry it, or even brush it, there is a handful of hair. My internist blamed the illness, my lack of vitamins and protein in my diet, but suggested I see a dermatologist. He feels it might be those causes but is doing several blood tests, saying it's more likely something hormonal. I have been trying to eat soy and drinking soy milk which I am not fond of. I am also taking iron and a B complex vitamin, hoping that will help. It has become difficult to make my hair look nice for work. I can put it up but that seems to be causing breakage. I will have to get several inches trimmed off as it looks very thin on the bottom.

I am getting back into the routine of life as it was prior to my illness. I must say I actually feel better now than before it was diagnosed. I am hoping my energy will continue to return, even stronger. Things seems so much better than they did. Well, I am off to do some filing of papers and going to attemp to get my tax papers altogether so I can get them done. I expect a refund this year.


Susan C said...

So happy to hear that things are getting back on track again, especially your health.

Cynthia said...

Things are definitely looking up.

alphawoman said...

Sorry about your hair. But so happy you are feeling better!