Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Value of Comments

Dearest Readers:
A comment that was posted that really made me think. I am so grateful that some of you take time to comment. (I read many entries that I don't leave a comment OR the captcha is so difficult I try to leave one, get frustrated and give up.) But I digress, I would like to apologize to you. The comment made me realize that often when I am down and feel I need some support, I turn to this blog and you to give it to me. I have failed to share the joy that I often feel. It's like having a friend you complain to but never share your good times with. Unfair to that person. I promise I will try to give you more of the good times. In order to truly know someone you need to see both sides.

Just this morning I got up early with Rob. It''s nice to see him before he leaves for his long day. I was coloring my gray and he was being silly and we were both being amused by our cat who kept trying to pretend he had not been fed yet. We were being silly, all three of us.
Have I ever told you that the first thought I have when I open my eyes in the morning is "Aha, thank you God that I am alive today to live this day!"? Every time I get mail from my mailbox and there is snail mail I am delighted. Like yesterday when one of my blogging friends Mary sent me an Easter card that had a long message in it. I love you, Mary. All those cards are like gifts of your spirit. Have I mentioned that I keep my handpainted card by Judith HeartSong in a special place just to look at it and think of what great friends, supporters her and Virginia have been?
Yesterday afternoon one of my neighbor's dropped in just to bring me a few things that she didn't want and have a chat with me. I have three neighbors who do that, just find a reason to stop by and visit for awhile. I love that. In my old neighborhood I lived in ten years ago that just didn't happen. On Sunday my neighbor's 17 year old daughter came over just to see me and bring me a little something she thought I'd like. All of those things bring me great joy. What really made me joyous today has already happened. I watched Rob practically skip down the driveway to his new car (which men like to call a truck). Technically it's a crossover, car that looks like an SUV which is usually technically a truck. Then he got in and I saw a smile that lit up my heart. I watched him drive off and I thought how grateful I am that I got to see him get his first new car and enjoy it so. I'm one of those people who is much happier in the giving than the receiving, magnified when it is for someone I love. Life is beyond good. On Sunday we learned that Rob's mother is going to bring his niece and come for a visit. It's been four years since I have seen her and three since Rob has. We have missed her terribly and she is as excited as we are. The picture above is Cassie with her Mom, Rob's baby sister Jennifer who died nearly five years ago. We loved her dearly and being with her daughter is like having a part of her.
While I have all the good, the knowledge of my physical issues is always there. I don't know how much time I have left, no one does. There are days where my mind wants one thing and my body just can't do it. Those days are rough but please know that I get through them, determined to have a good day another day. Most importantly, please know that I have great joy. I am on the edge of glory at times knowing that I was here, I loved and I am loved. Even when my body is gone, those who knew me by heart will keep me with them. Knowing that gives me joy.


Sherry said...

You are so right sometimes we only mention the bad or sad parts, but we all have a lot to be grateful for.......... I love how you love Rob, yall are so blessed to have each other..... hugs, Sherry

alphawoman said...

I know that I receive a gift that is much larger than anything I can give when I understand what it means to you. You know what that means! I gotta keep them coming! Love you too Nelle and worry about you, though my Mom says, never worry just pray. I pray too. I really would like to meet you in person some day, hopefully soon.


You are indeed fortunate in all the things you do have. You and your husband are so lucky to have found each other. It sometimes is easy to forget all the joy someone has in their life when health issues seem to dominate. You are blessed in so many ways. You are never far from my thoughts and prayers. Take care, Nelle.

Judith HeartSong said...

I am sending love and a big hug my Dear!