Thursday, April 19, 2012

Quick Update

I went to Philly today to see my PH specialist team. I have gained (gulp) ten pounds of fluid this month. Yes, they can tell by my swollen ankles, legs and belly that it is fluid not actual weight gain. They hear something in my right lung. Tomorrow I go to the lung doctor so she can figure out what is in there. Fluid? Residual pneumonia? I would imagine I will be sent for an x ray if not a CT scan in the next week or so. Those require approval unless done in the ER. I had to use my portable oxygen to get from the car to the office because whatever is in there has me short of breath.

My mother-in-law and niece will be here Friday. I went out and got snacks that a 13 year old would want and special treats that MIL likes as well as a nice hanging basket for her to take home with her. I also got some for my backyard which is shaping up nicely. Have some pots planted and things are blooming. It's looking like Spring. I got Mr. Duffy McSheltie groomed and he looks lovely. He loves his groomer Jamie. I was so bad that day I had to pay a neighbor to drive us to the groomer and help me with him. Rob was able to pick him up. This lady loves him and we have her care for him if we go anywhere. She doesn't like to make money but we insist and as a senior I know she enjoys having the extra money.

Will update after the lung doctor. Hoping it is not the pneumonia because I was diagnosed with it about a month ago. I've already had two rounds of antibiotics for it.
If it's still there that could mean IV antibiotics which means another PICC line. I've already had four in the past three years. I feel my quota has been reached.



Whatever they find. You will deal with it. I'm hoping for the best. You try to have a lovely visit with family. It's nice your furbaby is so loved. Your backyard sounds delightful with your blooms. You savor each moment out there. Mine is overgrown with weeds. Such a mess. Take care. I am keeping you in my prayers.

alphawoman said...

One of the things I miss the most is my backyard and planting planting and then planting some more. I have tomato plants that I am going to grow in containers as soon as I buy some containers! hahah. So concerned about your lungs and the water retention. Are you on lacix? Hope you have a wonderful visit with your family.