Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sunshine and Thoughts of Food

I have been feeling better since shedding the fluid. I actually began to cook a few meals again. I used to buy all these magzines and things were rarely made. I went through them last year and cut out recipes of interest and made folders which they went into. I just came across one that had not been placed in a folder and it looks interesting, especially with spring here and I find that I am finding and eating a lot of berries. The Driscoll strawberries just call to me as I make my way down the produce aisle. I bet I have consumed two pounds of them this week. Since my diet is so restrictive of salt I have relied more on fruit (watching the sugar content) as snacks. I found a recipe to make Creme Fraiche. There is nothing like a bowl of fresh berries with a large dollup of Creme Fraiche on them. Yummmy. It is quite expensive though so I am going to try making it. This article states that 8 ozs. is $7.50 but you can make it for $1.00. This I have to see! It does have you buy buttermilk but I also can use that to make Irish soda bread which is a big favorite here. I am going to post the recipe, if anyone tries it please let me know how you like it.

CREME FRAICHE (Makes 1 cup plus 2 Tablespoons)
1 C heavy cream
2 Tbsps. low fat buttermilk

1. Stir together cream and buttermilk in a large, clean glass bowl or jar.
2. Cover tightly with lid or plastic wrap. Let stand at warm room temp. overnight or until it has the consistency of sour cream.
3. Refrigerate 5 hours or until very cold. It can be kept, refrigerated, up to 1 week.
Each tablespoon as 45 calories, 1 gram carb, 3 grams saturated fat, 5 mg sodium.

This week I had something going on nearly everyday. Next week will be the same. I am getting caught up on doctors appointments, dentist visits etc. I haven't seen my eye doctor, gynecologist etc. in over a year. I finally got caught up with the dentist and am getting my teeth cleaned Monday. That will be done. With me not working you would think I would have a lot more time to do these things. I have been dealing all week with insurance issues. I am very unhappy with United HealthCare. This was the insurance I had through my employer. They paid for some of the visits for my pulmonary rehab and yet denied about six others. The provider has called me nonstop about this. I have called and spent hours upon hours with United HC. I am now dealing with their "Rapid Resolutions" Dept. and I certainly hope to get this resolved. The provider is threatening to turn me over to collections, claiming they told her I am responsible. Since this was a covered benefit and I called to make sure that I needed no special authorization I fail to see what the hold up is. I now have Blue Cross and I can tell you that while it's harder to get authorizations for CT scans and such the bill paying goes much smoother. I pay 20% with Blue Cross but it's worth it. I can see any doctors I want, without referrals. Unfortunately, the DME (durable medical equipment) which I need such as oxygen costs me that percentage as well. With my other policy I paid nothing. This means having a large oxygen bill should I choose to travel OR trying to travel without it. I cannot fly without it. I use it to sleep overnight. I am sure if I went overnight one night I might be okay but I couldn't function long without it at all. Well, Rob is sleeping in today. I got up with Duffy at 7:15 and am letting him catch up. Poor guy is so tired he is falling asleep in the evening while trying to watch tv. Duffy has a habit of drinking a lot of water before bedtime and by 6 he really wants to go out. I know I could pick up the water bowl but I just can't do that. There are times you really need a drink of water.
Have a great weekend!!!!

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I'm glad you have SHED that bad FLUID and are feeling better. I'm like you. I love going through recipes to see what I can come up with. Lately though it's been whatever is FAST. Don't have patience with alot of steps and a gazillion ingredients. I LOVE strawberries. Haven't had any this year. Now you've put me in the mood for some. LOL take care.