Monday, April 09, 2012

On and On

Friday night I began to run a low grade fever again. I called the lung doctor and spoke to the covering doctor explaining all that was happening. She called a script in for me and I got the first dose that night. I felt so so Saturday and on Sunday I was really not well. I did manage to prepare two quiches and two desserts. My son who is a vegan came with his own pasta dish he prepared as well as some egg free bagels that he made vegetable sandwiches on. He is creative and his food is good although some of it I cannot have because of the high sodium content. I also made a delicious fresh fruit salad. My mother arrived just as the food was coming out of the oven. We sat down and she began one of her crying episodes. She had misplaced her car keys and gotten completely overwhelmed when in fact they were still in her purse. My son tried to explain to her that as people age their memories are not as sharp and it was nothing abnormal. I suspect she wanted sympathy and then she finally gave up and we began our lunch. When we were done she immediately wanted to sit on the sofa and announced that she wanted to sleep. Finally when she realized it wasn't going to be quiet as we were all cleaning up the kitchen, she decided to go home where it was quiet so she could sleep. It was very disappointing to spend an hour and a half of prep time and have someone show up to eat and then leave right afterward. I realized that my temp was going up at this point and Rob insisted that I rest while he finish cleaning the kitchen. When he got done he stretched out in the recliner and fell asleep. I wish I could have slept.

This morning I went back to the ENT. He thought my nose looked healed but when he touched my right nostril it began to bleed. He decided it had to be cuaterized again. This really hurt. It has been six weeks since I have been able to blow my nose or sneeze normally. It will be three more weeks at least. It's so frustrating. I came home and just took it easy until Rob got home. We had to go to the grocery store. The kitty needed food and there were other things needed as well. Got that done, it is so much easier when Rob is with me. Of course we forgot the handicapped placard so he had to drop me off and then go find a spot. It is supposed to rain tomorrow and I am under orders to call the lung doctors and go in if I don't feel well or if the fever persists. I really don't want to deal with this again.

Hope you have a good week.



Nelle, I am so sorry there never seems to be a moment where a health issue or family one doesn't keep you from having some sunshine and happiness in your life. I can only hope your luck turns around. You are in my prayers. Take care.

Nelle said...

There is much joy in my life and your comment made me think...thank you for your comment as it gave me a tremendous insight. You are a valued friend and reader.