Thursday, April 05, 2012

Happy Holiday

I want to wish everyone a good weekend. For my Jewish friends Happy Passover. For my Christian friends Happy Easter. For my friends who celebrate neither Happy Spring.

I have gotten several pounds of fluid off of me finally and am feeling somewhat better. I am still not sleeping well with early wakening so I still feel tired but I had a great day yesterday.

We are not having a big celebration this year. I am just making a few quiches with fresh fruit salad for brunch. Last year's huge preparation and clean up was too much for me and Rob ended up doing most of it. Neither of us need that again.
It will be more of a day of rest for us. Hope it is a day of whatever you are hoping for.

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I am glad your spirits have been lifted and you are feeling a little better. Your quiche and fruit salad sound like a perfect Easter meal. I hope you have a wonderful day. We're keeping things simple this year too. I have to spend the night over at my daughter's. I'll be babysitting for my grandchildren and getting them off to school in the morning. HAPPY EASTER Nelle. Take care.