Sunday, April 22, 2012

Update Continued

I went to my lung doctor the day after the last post. She sent me for a different x ray and they found that there is fluid in/around my right lung. I am already on very strong diuretics. She wants to wait two weeks to see if it will reduce or clear up. If it is the same or larger they will consider whether or not to remove the fluid. Since I am on blood thinner this is a big deal, I can't have it done unless I go off of it which puts me at risk of a blood clot. They have to weigh the pros and cons. Also, my oxygen level was low and she wants me on oxygen 24/7 for the time being. This means filling the portable when I go out and taking it along.

We had a weekend with my mother-in-law and niece. They had a difficult time getting here as a wrong turn was made, throwing them off kilter. It ended up adding about two hours to their trip. I finally went and met them when they got close. We had a nice cookout Friday night and then we took them over to their hotel. They wanted to stay at the Residence Inn which had an indoor pool and a fridge and microwave. On Saturday we went and got them. They came here then we went to the cemetery so they could see my family plot. After that we went to Target and bought our niece a bathing suit (she had forgotten hers.) We went out for a nice lunch and then took a cake over and visiting my mother for awhile. Back to the hotel for swim hour then back here again for dinner which Rob prepared which was delicious. After dinner our good friends came over for a quick visit and we once more took them back to the hotel. They will come by for a visit tomorrow morning and head home. I was relieved that today was beautiful, although rain had been predicted. I hope they have good weather for their trip back.


Virginia said...

I hope your fluid clears and you get a break from any more procedures! If anyone deserves a break, its you!


I glad you got to visit I spite of the detour. Hoping that fluid finds it's way out of you with some help. HANG in THERE.